My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Despite It All

My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Review – The Big Three vs Tomura Shigaraki

Things have continued to intensify with My Hero Academia as the heroes and villains are in a full on war with each other. There are several battlefields going on at the same time with all having major battles. The biggest of them may be the heroes fighting Tomura Shigaraki in the floating UA High School. The heroes have thrown everything they have at Shigaraki after their strategy was disrupted since Izuku Midoriya ended up in a different battlefield. Everything they did does not appear to be enough as Shigaraki has decimated the heroes with it looking like he is ready to kill Katsuki Bakugo. What will happen next? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 360.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


After stepping on his head Tomura Shigaraki lifts Dynamight (Katsuki Bakugo) while mocking him that he is nothing more than a distraction until Izuku Midoriya shows up and Izuku’s hanger-on.

Nejire Chan (Nejire Hado) with her Nejire Wave: Pike and Suneater (Tamaki Amajiki) with his Vast Hybrid: Octopus Mirage + Scorpius Toxin attacks are able to get Shigaraki to turn his attention on them. This gives Lemillion (Mirio Togata) the opening to get Dynamight away from Shigaraki and gives him to Best Jeanist to help him recover.

Remembering one another, Lemillion then questions Shigaraki why he is doing what he is doing. Shigaraki says because the current framework has failed.

My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Despite It All
Lemillion faces off against Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia Chapter 360. Credit: VIZ

Nejire Chan powers up one of Lemillion’s fist wit her Wave Motion energy. Lemillion then tells Shigaraki is like he is because he has no friends while nailing Shigaraki with his powered up punch.

Meanwhile, Best Jeanist notices that even in his heavily injured state that Dynamight is still analyzing everything Shigaraki is doing down to his movements. End of chapter


With each new chapter of My Hero Academia you see how Kohei Horikoshi is really not holding anything back anymore. There is no just waiting around for Izuku Midoriya to have his big hero moment. The heroes have to act and you get that with everything going on in My Hero Academia Chapter 360.

Opening up with Tomura Shigaraki with his foot on Dynamight’s head and then lifting him up, all while mocking Bakugo was chilling. You felt that danger that Bakugo was in as Shigaraki could’ve finished him at any moment. If it wasn’t for Shigaraki constant need to belittle and mock his opponent Bakugo would likely be no more.

Adding to the danger Bakugo was in was that even a combo attack from Nejire Chan and Suneater was enough to break Shigaraki’s grasp on Bakugo’s neck. Horikoshi made sure to show that it wasn’t a lack of power from Nejire Chan and Suneater attacks. It was just Shigaraki brushing off the attacks that if it wasn’t for Lemillion things would’ve gotten worse.

Which gets us to how great it was to see My Hero Academia’s Big Three in action. With everything going on Lemillion, Nejire Chan, and Suneater knew exactly what they needed to do now that they are the only ones left standing at close to full power as any hero can be at this point. While defeating Shigaraki would be ideal the three of them understood that saving Bakugo and buying Izuku Midoriya time to show would also be a win. Nejire Chan powering up Lemillion’s fist showed how in sync the Big Three are.

My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Despite It All
Tomura Shigaraki mocks Bakugo while chocking him out in My Hero Academia Chapter 360. Credit: VIZ

The one aspect that did not work as intended was Lemillion pointing out that Shigaraki never experienced having friends in his life. It is one of those things that I know what Horikoshi was going for with Lemillion saying this but it doesn’t have much impact. We’ve seen this said about and to Shigaraki before that hearing it be repeated is nothing new. It honestly came across as there wasn’t an idea for the name of Lemillion and Nejire Chan’s combo attack than a big character moment.

That said, My Hero Academia Chapter 360 did end strong with it appearing as though Dynamight will return to the fight. I’m not sure how on purpose it was but seeing Dynamight’s pupils turn into what appears to be how his pupils looked liked when he got access to One For All during the Heroes: Rising movie. But what I will say is that tapping into how Bakugo has always implemented strategy that analyzes his opponents movements is a cool thing to see be utilized in this fight with Shigaraki.


My Hero Academia Chapter 360 was a good continuation of the ongoing fight with Tomura Shigaraki. The danger level continues to be high as the heroes are barely able to damage Shigaraki, who seems to be brushing every attack off. The Big Three of My Hero Academia stepping up to this fight made this chapter even better. Overall it got us to move into whatever Horikoshi has planned next for this battle as we wait for Deku to show up.

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10