My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Review – “Light Fades To Rain”

The Big Three of U.A. High School have been stepping up big in recent chapters as they are the only ones left capable of taking on Tomura Shigaraki. With All For One Tomura Shigaraki barely scratched from all of Lemillion and Nejire Chan’s attacks the Big Three have switched things up to have Suneater be the lead attacker. This has led Suneater to push his Manifest Quirk beyond its limits to create a whole new fusion of all the animals he has in his arsenal. Will this be enough to take down All For One Tomura Shigaraki? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 362.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


With memories of Fatgum, Red Riot, Real Steel, Mirio Togata pushing him forward Suneater channels the energy Nejire Chan provided to unleashes his new Ultimate Move, Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon, on Tomura Shigaraki. Lemillion follows up this attack with a powerful punch.

As the dust settles from the Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon attack that could be seen across the city Shigaraki is still standing.

Dynamight suddenly starts walking towards Shigaraki. Noticing this Shigaraki charges towards Dynamight at full speed. Dynamight is able to predict Shigaraki’s attacks and dodges them.

Thinking about his Explosion Quirk, Bakugo realized that a side effect of how his Quirk saves up his sweat to be stored in his glands as beads that could give him an added speed boast when finally released.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Review
Suneater unleashes his Ultimate Move, Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon, in My Hero Academia Chapter 362. Credit: VIZ Media

While still in pain from his injuries, Bakugo wonders if now he will be able to catch up to Izuku Midoriya.

Angered how some “extra” without the One For All Quirk is challenging him, Shigaraki once again rushes at Dynamight.

As that happens Bakugo finds himself in a vestige world where he sees a faint image of All Might. This reminds Bakugo that he forgot to get All Might to sign his trading card when he had the chance.

In a white void, Katsuki sees a visage of All Might and tells him that ever since he met there was so much going on so he missed his moment to ask him, but he always wanted to get him to sign his All Might trading card.

Suddenly, Dynamight’s heart bursts from a powerful punch by Shigaraki that Lemillion, Nejire Chan, Suneater, and Mirko were unable to stop.

As Best Jeanist checks on Dynamight, Shigaraki mocks Bakugo for his attempt at tracing his movements since the villains came prepared with the perfect Demon Lord body.

Best Jeanist is left in complete shock when he sees Dynamight’s heart crushed and bleeding out from his chest completely lifeless on the ground. End of chapter.


Well if you thought things couldn’t escalate even further or get another big surprise than Kohei Horikoshi found a way to do both. And that is just in time for My Hero Academia to go on a short break between chapters. With the bombshell we get at the end of My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Horikoshi has left us highly anticipating when we get the next chapter.

The tone of how unpredictable My Hero Academia Chapter 362 was set from the very beginning. Suneater hitting the All For One Tomura Shigaraki with Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon was an impressive sight to behold. Horikoshi put over how Suneater’s Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon was one of the most powerful attacks we’ve seen unleashed by a character in My Hero Academia. Little things like showing it going across the sky of the city as the U.A. High School fortified walls could not contain the power of the blast is a great example of how the art elevates these moments.

Like with the previous chapter focus on Lemillion and Nejire Chan, this chapter did a great job quickly putting over Suneater. The flashbacks to how others have shown to be continuously impressed and motivated by Tamaki Amajiki was well done. It showed how even though Amajiki didn’t believe it himself others saw how great of hero he was as Suneater. That made the power shown through his new Ultimate Move have a significant greater meaning behind it.

The power of the attack made the fact that Shigaraki not only survived but still standing while acting like it did nothing to him made the villain even more terrifying. We already knew that the All For One Tomura Shigaraki was a powerful villain. But after the fight Star And Stripe we saw how there was still hope the heroes could find a way to defeat him. That hope extended to this fight at the fortified U.A. High School as delaying until Izuku Midoriya was the tide turner we are waiting for.

Now that thought is reset with My Hero Academia Chapter 362 as All For One Shigaraki’s statement of being the perfect Demon Lord rings true here. He is the unstoppable Terminator-like being that you don’t want your favorite character to go up against because they will likely die now.

That is exactly what we see here with how even when Katsuki Bakugo was able to dodge Shigaraki’s initial rush of attacks it was not enough. Shigaraki as All For One is completely overwhelming that he will get to his goal, which here was to make sure to have Bakugo lifeless body on the ground by the time Izuku Midoriya showed up. Adding Lemillion, Nejire Chan, Suneater, and Mirko attempt to save but ultimately failing to save Bakugo from the fatal attack made the impact of this moment hit even harder.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Review
Tomura Shigaraki delivers a fatal blow to Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia Chapter 362. Credit: VIZ Media

Being left in such a place where we are extremely concerned about Bakugo is not just because he is a fan favorite. Horikoshi does an excellent job building up the importance of this moment with how Bakugo is developed during My Hero Academia Chapter 362. We get the payoff of Bakugo continuing to monitor the fight as he is able to successfully trace Shigaraki’s attack patterns to dodge the attacks from the villain within a split second.

That showing made it so when see that while Bakugo was able to use the side effect of his Explosion Quirk to gain extra speed even more heartbreaking that he wasn’t able to continue fighting. He had all the desire and skills to start matching up with Shigaraki. Unfortunately for Bakugo his previously sustained injuries from fighting Shigaraki earlier was too much to overcome. Its great long-term storytelling within a story arc that shows how every chapter of this story matter.

All of this leading to us seeing how Bakugo thought back to being unable to get All Might’s signature for his trading card drove home how emotional this entire chapter was. The brief appearance from Mitsuki Bakugo, who commented on how her son hates rain, all worked to make the ending with Bakugo’s lifeless body and the blood covered All Might card next to him made the final double page spread hit hard. Now we are left anxiously anticipating the next chapter just to find out what all of this means for the rest of The Final Saga of My Hero Academia.


Kohei Horikoshi delivered one of the best chapters to date for this series with My Hero Academia Chapter 362. From the beginning with Suneaters impressive Ultimate Move to the unstoppable villain that All For One Tomura Shigaraki continues to be we got an incredibly emotional ending. Its an ending that will make the wait for the next chapter of My Hero Academia even harder.

Story Rating: 10 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9.5 Night Girls out of 10