My Hero Academia Chapter 365 No. 4 And No. 5

My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Review – “No. 4 And No. 5”

Things took a unexpected turn in the last chapter of My Hero Academia as Edgeshot made the decision to become Katsuki Bakugo’s heart in order to save the young hero’s life. But with Tomura Shigaraki looking to cause as much damage as possible before Izuku Midoriya shows up for their eventual showdown that could be easier said than done. With how unstoppable Shigaraki has been since becoming All For One, becoming a Demon Lord as All For One calls him. So with all that let’s see if our heroes stand a chance against Shigaraki in My Hero Academia Chapter 365.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


Using his Quirk, Foldabody, along with a bubble Wash provided him, Edgeshot sterilize himself while transforming his body thin enough to surgically repair Katsuki Bakugo’s heart and lungs. While this is working using his Foldabody Quirk to stretch his body so he is as thin as possible is causing Edgeshot life force to fade away.

Seeing Dynamight and Best Jeanist, Tomura Shigaraki becomes dead set on completely destroying Dynamight.

Mirko frees herself at the cost of her right arm and kicks Shigaraki as hard as she could. Best Jeanist immediately uses his Quirk to create fibers that wrap around Mirko’s lost limbs to limit the blood loss.

My Hero Academia Chapter 365 No. 4 And No. 5
Edgeshot uses his Foldabody Quirk to perform surgery on Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia Chapter 365. Credit: VIZ Media

Staggered from Mirko’s attack Shigaraki realizes that Dynamight’s last attack did more damage to him than he knew. Shigaraki then becomes angry thinking how he may have felt threatened by Dynamight, who he views as extra background character.

Not wasting this opening, Mirko, with Lemillion’s help, is able smash Shigaraki with her Luna Rush attack.

As he is sent flying by the force of Mirko’s attack Shigaraki thinks how all the heroes continue to fight him together no matter how much he breaks them while he still remains alone. Thinking back to the family he had as Tenko, Shigaraki suddenly starts forming figures that look like the Shimura Family using his body mass. End of chapter.


After the last week’s disappointing chapter Kohei Horikoshi returns to form with My Hero Academia Chapter 365. And its no surprise that the momentum is brought back by completely focusing on what is going on with the battle against Tomura Shigaraki. This has by far been the best battle of all the stages we’ve gotten thus far.

When Edgeshot appeared out of nowhere to provide a solution for the life-threating spot Katsuki Bakugo was in it came across as a deus ex machina. Now that aspect of Edgeshot’s appearance is not done away with. But at the very least Horikoshi puts in a lot of great work into showing the effort Edgeshot is putting into using his Foldabody Quirk to such an extreme degree.

The use of a narrator to explain what Edgeshot was doing was a great choice. Anytime a creator uses a narrator to explain what is going on or a character’s thought process it has to be used be done so selectively. Because it is a narrative tool that could completely derail the momentum of a story. To Horikoshi’s credit he knew exactly what to say as the narrator to enhance the surgical process that Edgeshot was implementing to revive Bakugo. By the end of the opening pages you got a full understanding of how Edgeshot was pushing through, knowing he will die from this use of Foldabody, to save Bakugo.

This whole process also opens the door for when Bakugo does get revive that he will be represent even more than just the next generation as Dynamight. He won’t just be looking to carry All Might’s will but also that of Edgeshot, one of the top heroes of the current generations. So being a hero will take on an even greater meaning for Bakugo as Dynamight when he returns.

The rest of My Hero Academia Chapter 365 got across how brutal things have been in this fight against Tomura Shigaraki. Shigaraki now that he has become All For One is not just an ordinary villain that our heroes can punch harder to defeat. Shigaraki has reached that Demon Lord-level where our heroes will have to push way beyond even the limits they thought to have.

My Hero Academia Chapter 365 No. 4 And No. 5
Mirko smashes Tomura Shigaraki with her Luna Rush attack in My Hero Academia Chapter 365. Credit: VIZ Media

That all made the way Mirko works to defeat Shigaraki even more impressive. Mirko does absolutely everything, including not being concerned about losing limbs, all in an effort to defeat Shigaraki. Horikoshi really nails how amazingly tough Mirko is as she pulls all the stops to hit Shigaraki harder than she has anyone. The impact of her kicks elevated her even more. And Horikoshi clearly knows this with how he makes sure to make Mirko’s Luna Rush look as impressive as possible.

All of this works to further push Shigaraki into a greater degree of madness. We’ve seen throughout this arc how Shigaraki has been taken over by All For One as both seem to be in control of his body. As the arc has progressed what has pushed Shigaraki to be in control of his own body is his rage seeing the heroes not stop fighting. And now after believing he killed Bakugo and captured Mirko and the other heroes left to fight him seeing that the fight is not over is just pissing him off more.

What made all of Shigaraki’s character development work well is how it all goes back to how alone he feels in his life. Seeing Mirko and Lemillion continue to fight him even when they are hurt just highlights how he is still fighting on his own. There is no one looking out for him or coming to his rescue like Edgeshot and Best Jeanist are for Bakugo. This pushing Shigaraki to create physical manifestations the family he had when he was Tenko Shimura by using his own body was a chilling way to end this chapter.


With My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Kohei Horikoshi address a lot of criticism with the previous chapter of this series. There is a lot more care put into decisions made with how Edgeshot factors into Katsuki Bakugo fate. Mirko also steps up huge as Horikoshi places a spotlight on why she is one of the top heroes around in the continued battle against Tomura Shigaraki. The frightening way this chapter ends creates a lot of questions that create a lot of concern and excitement to find out what will happen next in this story.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10