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My Hero Academia Chapter 375 Review – “Chaotic Confusion”

After a short break My Hero Academia is back with a new chapter. Last Kohei Horikoshi left the story Kurogiri changed the entire landscape of The Final War arc by using his Gate Quirk to shift the tide of every battle. One of the biggest shifts was unleashing Himiko Toga on the battlefield were Endeavor and other heroes appeared to defeat All For One’s physical form. But now that Himiko has appeared on this battlefield that all changes as she has used her Transform Quirk to become Twice and begin her revenge on Hawks and all the other heroes. How will things turn out next. Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 375


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


Minutes before Kurogiri escaped, at Okuto Island, we see that Uravity and Froppy are able to execute the plan the heroes prepared to counter Himiko Toga’s fighting style.

Knowing that she only has enough of Twice’s blood to keep up the transformation and Sad Man’s Parade move for only 30 to 40 minutes Himiko tricks Froppy into destroying a vile that instead of another person’s blood contains a chemical that attracts Nomu.

My Hero Academia Chapter 375 Ochaco Uraraka vs Himiko Toga
Ochaco Uraraka leads heroes in the fight against Himiko Toga in My Hero Academia Chapter 375. Credit: VIZ Media

By attracting more Nomu to Okuto Island Himiko buys herself enough time for Kurogiri to pull off his “miracle.” Himiko immediately consumes Twice’s blood and goes through Kurogiri’s gate, but not before hearing Ochaco Uraraka yelling about how they haven’t had a chance to talk about love yet.

Over at the Gunga Mountain’s Villa Ruins Himiko as Twice immediately launches the Sad Man’s Parade much to the horror of Hawks, Shemage (Kinoko Komori), and the other heroes.

At the same time, Froppy uses her tongue to swing Uravity through Kurogiri’s gate before it closes, giving Ochaco the chance to join the fight in the Gunga Mountain. End of chapter.


With how Kohei Horikoshi has shifted the landscape of The Final War arc he is making sure the reader takes it all in. That includes making up for not giving certain parts of the story the attention they should have gotten. We see that with how My Hero Academia Chapter 375 finally shines the spotlight on the Okuto Island battlefield where Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui were shown preparing to fight Himiko Toga after Izuku Midoriya took off.

Now does My Hero Academia Chapter 375 redeem the fact that the Okuto Island has been ignored for 30 chapters? No. There should’ve at least been one chapter before this showing how the fight was going after Deku took off to fight Tomura Shigaraki. Especially with how Horikoshi has built Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Himiko up as key characters in this series from the start they deserve at least that, if not more.

You can tell from how My Hero Academia Chapter 375 was paced that Horikoshi did recognize this problem in the story he has crafted. There is a lot of catch being done to get the fight against Himiko Toga and the Nomu over early on. We get that with how quickly Uravity has to get over the plan that the heroes came up with to counter Himiko’s Quirk while fighting the Nomu in an efficient manner.

But credit to Horikoshi for finding a way to give the Okuto Island fight momentum by focusing on Himiko. There was no other major villain on this battlefield to distract from Himiko having the full spotlight. In doing so we see how far she has come as a calculative villain. She is not only quick to realize how the heroes are fighting against her but also how to best counter it. Using the heroes own overconfidence and tricking Froppy into breaking the vile with a Nomu-attracting chemical was a smart play. This bought Himiko the time needed to make the wait for Spinner to break Kurogiri free makes sense.

Himiko Toga Sad Man's Parade
Himiko Toga uses Twice’s powers to use Infinite Double: Sad Man’s Parade move in My Hero Academia Chapter 375. Credit: VIZ Media

What Horikoshi especially drives home Himiko’s evolution is how Twice’s death continues to be an important event that triggered Himiko’s full villain transformation. We see how this event being Himiko’s driving force has become a much more frightening villain. We see that she knew exactly how much time she had to exact her revenge on Hawks and the other heroes. It all made the sight of Himiko as Twice unleashing the Sad Man’s Parade on the Gunga Mountain battlefield an even scarier sight for the heroes.

As you are left wondering how the heroes have any hopes to counter all this Horikoshi further sets up Ochaco to have her big moment here. Horikoshi does a good job evolving the whole love angle between Himiko and Ochaco to not just be centered around Izuku Midoriya. The reason we see Ochaco’s final words to Himiko before the Sad Man’s Parade is unleashed has such an impact because there is this philosophical battle between the two. They both represent how love can drive people to take on different paths. How Horikoshi pays off the personal battle between Ochaco and Himiko is something that is hopefully pulled off well to further drive home the impact The Final War arc is having on all characters in this series.


My Hero Academia Chapter 375 follows the previous chapter by setting the stage for another villain being positioned as a game changer. This time around it was Himiko Toga as she joins Dabi in helping All For One against Endeavor, Hawks, and other heroes. Now with this set-up down Horikoshi has set the stage for major things to happen that could define how this story will ultimately be resolved.

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10