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My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Review – “Meek Spirits”

Last we left My Hero Academia we saw the heroes use Gigantomachia against All For One. This was a big game changing moment as All For One appeared to be set to reach Tomura Shigaraki after attaining his younger form. With All For One continuing to regress through his life stages thanks to the Quirk Erasing Bullet he got shot with time is running out for the big bad of My Hero Academia. How will things turn out next? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 383.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


Flashing back to right after Shoto Todoroki appeared to defeat Dabi, at the Jaku Hospital Ruins the villains use a voice recording of All For One to reawaken Gigantomachia. Mt. Lady, Pinky, and other heroes do their best to stop Gigantomachia.

As that is going on Red Riot finds Hitoshi Shinso is being attacked by Sludge Villain. Pinky shows up and uses her Acidman: Alma attack to defeat Sludge Villain.

With Mt. Lady’s help Shinso gets atop Gigantomachia and uses his Brainwash Quirk to get the villain under control. As soon as that happens Mt. Lady is contacted about All For One’s rampage.

In the present every single hero are throwing everything they got at All For One. As All For One struggles to defend himself several helicopters are shown in the distance. End of chapter.


Kohei Horikoshi returns with a chapter that was very much needed. Sure the break did give My Hero Academia Chapter 383 an odd pacing choice. But that is more so when reading these My Hero Academia chapters individually. Reading them as a continuous story is what makes this chapter work as well as it does.

With the story around Gigantomachia we knew at some point it would circle back to the villains first appearance. Specifically with how Gigantomachia is tied to Mina Ashido and Eijiro Kirishima respective arcs. We’ve already had the chance to see how far Kirishima has grown over the course of My Hero Academia. Mina hasn’t gotten that same type of hero growth. Outside of in controlled settings the only we’ve seen Mina freeze up when she realized who Gigantomachia during the Paranormal Liberation Front War. With that being the last moment we saw her in hero mode there need to be redemption for Mina’s character to grow beyond being a student in Class 1-A.

That is what we got in My Hero Academia Chapter 383. At a time where the world needs every hero available to step up that is exactly what Mina as Pinky did here. Horikoshi did a great job showing how The Final War is a time where no hero can afford to hold back. We get another example here with Pinky using her full power in order to defeat the Sludge Villain and save Shinso and Red Riot.

Mina Ashido Defeats Sludge Villain
Mina Ashido steps up to defeat Sludge Villain in My Hero Academia Chapter 383.

This action made the follow-up speech by Pinky even more powerful. We see what sets her apart from her classmates. There is a sense of agency taken as Mina shows she is well aware of who she is as a person and what drives her. Specifically, being aware of her weaknesses and pushing forward made this hero moment for Mina even more meaningful.

Mina having her moment nicely transitions into Shinso being able to fulfill the role that Horikoshi has been clearly building for him. Gigantomachia was to big and powerful of a villain to defeat by normal means. The only hero possible who can put Gigantomachia not only down but under control is Shinso. This increased the importance of his character and once again shows how Horikoshi has had plans in place for every character he introduces in My Hero Academia.

Speaking of, it was great to see that the one leading things for our heroes in this flashback was Mt. Lady. While not the main focus, Horikoshi did a lot through his artwork to show how hard Mt. Lady was working to keep Gigantomachia from leaving the Jaku Hospital Ruins. Like with Mina and Shinso, it is cool to see growth from Mt. Lady, who when introduced appeared to be positioned as just one of the many side hero characters.

All of this brings us to the ending of My Hero Academia Chapter 383 with every hero throwing everything they got at All For One. Horikoshi nailed it when it comes to showing how our heroes are really going all out in order to stop All For One. The panel right underneath the double page spread did a great job at emphasizing how All For One is battling time as much as he is the heroes. The Quirk Erasing Bullet is kicking in even more and does make you wonder if the heroes will win in the end.

Which does also create a question of what role the helicopters we see in the final panel will play. There is a reason that Horikoshi decided to end it with this mysterious panel rather than just the double page action shot. That question hooks you even more into finding out what is next for the series.


My Hero Academia Chapter 383 gives Mina Ashido and other characters well-deserved moments to shine. Once again Kohei Horikoshi shows how he has long-term plans in place for many fan favorite characters. This chapter was just another example of that long-term planning paying off. What happens next should be just as exciting as what we got in this chapter.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10