My Hero Academia Chapter 404 "We Love You, All Might!!"

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Review – “We Love You, All Might!!”

Things could not look bleaker for our heroes in the final two big fights of All Might vs All For One and Deku vs Tomura Shigaraki. All For One appeared to have All Might within an inch of his life and nothing anyone could do to save the Symbol Of Peace. It was in that moment when we got the big return of Dynamight, Katsuki Bakugo, back into the fight. Now with Bakugo healed will he be enough to overcome everything All For One and Shigaraki are throwing at our heroes? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 404, titled “We Love You, All Might!!”


Writer and Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


All For One maniacally laughs as he carries a All Might heavily injured body. As that happens news broadcasts around the world update on what is going on in Japan.

At the same time, Dynamight blasts his way towards Deku. Timing it Deku grabs Dynamight’s hand and, against the Second One For All User, uses the Gearshift Quirk to toss Dynamight at full power towards All For One and All Might. (Move is similar to the one Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo used in the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie.)

Deku & Dynamight team-up move - My Hero Academia Chapter 404
Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo pull off the same team-up move from the Two Heroes move in order to save All Might in My Hero Academia Chapter 404. Credit: Viz Media

As that happens Tomura Shigaraki mocks Deku about All Might’s vestige within One For All becoming solid, signifying All Might is almost dead.

Suddenly Sir Nighteye’s words about when someone prayers with their fist clenched and deeply exhales there energy that flows from wishing and striving for a certain future.

As Dynamight uses his Cluster move to launch himself faster at All For One and All Might the hopes and prayers for everyone around the world are shown pushing Bakugo forward.

Dynamight saves All Might, cutting off both of All For One’s hands in the process. Dynamight then yells to Deku “TIME TO WIN THIS!!” End of chapter.


My Hero Academia Chapter 404 keeps the momentum of the story moving forward. In that way this was more of a transition chapter as we are shifting from All Might vs All For One to the final fight of Izuku Midoriya vs Tomura Shigaraki.

Being a transition chapter does not a bad thing at all. As once again Kohei Horikoshi showed, even when transitioning it does not stop the story from having hype moments. That’s exactly what we get here as everything was built around making Katsuki Bakugo have his big moment of the Final War arc.

Adding to how special this moment was Horikoshi brought things back to what has been driving Bakugo for a long time. Bakugo has carried the guilt of All Might using the last of his One For All Quirk to save him from All For One. That has weighed heavy on him. It’s because of that the moment Bakugo is able to save All Might from All For One things finally came full circle. Bakugo was finally was finally able to repay his hero for all that he did. This added even more to this moment from just simply being a hype visual to something incredibly meaningful as Bakugo takes the next steps in his superhero career.

Speaking of, this moment with Bakugo and Midoriya further cements the legacy that All Might will be carried on by the next generation. While Midoriya is All Might’s successor what he created as the Symbol of Peace is something Deku’s entire generation will continue. It doesn’t just fall on one hero to become the new All Might that will be seen as the unquestioned #1 Hero. As we’ve seen with Bakugo, Ochaco, Shoto, and Shoji, everyone All Might inspired is stepping up to carry the hope of the world forward.

Hope fuels Dynamight in My Hero Academia Chapter 404
The hope of people around the world helps propel Katsuki Bakugo to save All Might in My Hero Academia Chapter 404. Credit: Viz Media

Horikoshi does a great job at showing all this by bringing things back to what Sir Nighteye spoke about the future and hope. This made the early weather reporter speaking about the butterfly effect connect to the overall story better. It all comes back to the hope and prayers people around the world have. Showing that this final battle is something everyone around the world are watching makes every moment mean more. The visual of those hopes and prayers propelling Bakugo forward made for an incredible spread page by Horikoshi.

While we do have this great moment of Bakugo saving All Might there is still a lot left to do. Horikoshi made sure to highlight that Midoriya and Bakugo’s combo move, that’s right out of the Two Heroes movie, was dangerous. By using the Second User’s Gearshift Midoriya has weakened himself as he has gone beyond his limits. Horikoshi wouldn’t have had the Second User state this if this wasn’t going to factor into the Midoriya vs Shigaraki fight.

Now this creates a scenario where even with All Might saved Midoriya isn’t at full strength. There is likely no more stalemate as the battle now favors Shigaraki. With All For One still around and Bakugo appearing to open all his surgically repaired wounds in order to save All Might, Midoriya is once again alone. With this situation there is a lot of questions as to how our heroes will be able to overcome the odds still against them.


My Hero Academia Chapter 404 keeps the momentum moving forward while delivering even more hype moments. Katsuki Bakugo, with some help from Izuku Midoriya, gets the redemption moment he has been looking to get. While All Might was ultimately saved, All For One and Tomura Shigaraki are still around. How Midoriya and company deal with the two biggest villains of My Hero Academia leaves a lot to still to look forward to.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10