My Hero Academia Chapter 411 "History's Greatest Villain"

My Hero Academia Chapter 411 Review – “History’s Greatest Villain”

Kohei Horikoshi ended 2023 All For One finally being defeated and erased from existence. With All For One gone that has left only one more villain for our heroes to defeat. Unfortunately for the heroes that last villain is the most dangerous of them all: Tomura Shigaraki. Proving how dangerous he is, as soon as All For One was gone Shigaraki was able to steal Izuku Midoriya’s Danger Sense Quirk. With Deku as the only hero left and already getting the Quirk that was helping him most in dodging all of Shigaraki’s attacks stolen how will 2024 begin? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 411.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


Deku attempts to quickly attack Tomura Shigaraki by combining Blackwhip, Fajin, and Gearshift to create a new attack called Blackchain. Shigaraki easily dodges the attack thanks to now having the Danger Sense Quirk.

Shigaraki launches a massive counterattack that sends Deku flying and destroys a large portion of the area where they are fighting. While he does that Shigaraki mocks the fact even after everything Deku still believes he can save the human that he thinks still exists within Shigaraki.

While recovering from the attack within the vestige world Bruce (the third One For All user) tells Deku he needs to buy himself time to recover from the aftereffects of using Gearshift.

In the physical plane Shigaraki suddenly appears in front of Deku. Shigaraki reveals he will be destroying Mt. Fuji (which is right behind where Deku is standing) with his Decay Quirk to cause a catastrophic eruption. Deku stands firm still believing he can connect with the person that still exists in Shigaraki.


Kohei Horikoshi made sure to make a statement for the first chapter of 2024 for My Hero Academia. That statement is a clear message that the heroes fight to save the world is not over. Not only is it not over but what we are about to witness is the toughest fight of the series.

Right away having My Hero Academia Chapter 411 open with showing how in the mere second when Tomura Shigaraki briefly touched Izuku Midoriya what happened within One For All’s vestige world was a statement. Seeing all the previous users talking about what Midoriya needs to do showed the struggle of how Midoriya needs to handle fighting Shigaraki. Specifically seeing Nana Shimura unable to hide how tough the fact that Midoriya killing her grandson looks like the only way things can end gave emotional resonance to this scene.

Deku's Blackchain Attack - My Hero Academia Chapter 411
Deku combines Blackwhip, Fa Jin, and Gearshift Quirks to create the Blackchain attack in My Hero Academia Chapter 411. Credit: Viz Media

From that to Shigaraki’s mostorous hand immediately gave a feeling of watching something from a horror movie. Hikage Shinomori sacrificing himself after he was the first to detect Shigaraki’s presence elevated the importance of this moment. We already knew that Shigaraki stealing the Danger Sense Quirk was a game changer. But now we see that because of Hikage’s quick action only one Quirk was stolen. There now a question if the next time Shigaraki touches Midoriya, no matter for how long, he’ll be able to steal all the Quirks at once.

Midoriya trying his best to keep fighting by creating the Blackchain move by combining Blackwhip, Fajin, and Gearshift added to how desperate things suddenly got. This wasn’t an attack Midoriya created to finish the fight. It was an attempt to give himself time. But as Shigaraki showed by easily dodging Midoriya’s attack with thanks to the Danger Sense Quirk there is no more time.

If that message wasn’t clear enough to Midoriya that was certainly driven home by the next two actions by Shigaraki. The first shockwave attack that sent Midoriya flying was crazy to see go down. The destruction caused by what sent Midoriya flying was something that left you wondering how Midoriya can stop Shigaraki. Especially considering that now Midoriya is recovering from overtaxing himself using the Gearshift Quirk. Not only does Midoriya have to worry about dodging Shigaraki’s attacks but has to buy time to recover the power of One For All and the other Quirks he has.

All of that made the ending with Shigaraki using his Decay Quirk to announce his plan to destroy Mt. Fuji that gave My Hero Academia Chapter 411 a jaw dropping ending. Horikoshi has fully given Shigaraki the Doomsday-vibe of an unstoppable monster that will destroy everything in front of him. Now the stakes are raised by the fact that if Midoriya doesn’t move the battle away the country could be destroyed with Shigaraki’s next attack.

Adding to this is the fact Midoriya is still dead set on being able to save Tenko Shimura within Shigaraki. Midoriya has not let go of the thought there is that other person within Shigaraki. But as Shigaraki has proved he and Tenko are one and the same. They are this Demon Lord-like being that is the endgame boss. This creates a lot of questions of if Midoriya can come to terms with not being able to “save” Shigaraki or if there is something we aren’t seeing that’ll be a way to deal with the villain.


With My Hero Academia Chapter 411 Kohei Horikoshi made sure to start 2024 off as impactful as possible. The stakes are at an all-time high as we focus on the final fight of the series in Izuku Midoriya vs Tomura Shigaraki. There are a lot of questions with how unstoppable Shigaraki appears to be how things will end. That creates the “must read the next chapter” feeling that creates a lot of excitement for what’s to come in 2024 from My Hero Academia.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10