My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 – Shoto Todoroki vs Dabi!

It’s been a while since we last checked in on My Hero Academia. Since the last time I’ve done a review My Hero Academia has gone all in on the Hero vs Villain War as multiple battlefields have been created with various groups on both sides. The big focus of the last few chapters in particular has been the Todoroki Family. Specifically, we’ve seen the big showdown between Shoto and Dabi finally take place. It’s been as intense as you can expect in a battle between brothers fighting on opposite sides. With how intense have been between Shoto and Dabi will their fiery battle ever end? Let’s find out with chapter 352 of My Hero Academia.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


The night before the current battle, in the student dorm at Heights Alliance, Izuku Midoriya asks Shoto Todoroki if he is okay with fighting Dabi. Shoto says he wants to fight his big brother because tells Dabi’s existence is the Todoroki Family’s crimes he must deal with. Shoto then unveils a new move that is an evolution of the Flashfire Fist he has been working on.

In the present Shoto uses his new move, Icebound Crash: Coldflame’s Pale Blade, on Dabi, sending his big brother flying across the battlefield due to its impact. Dabi quickly recovers and covers himself in even hotter flames as the rage of what society has done to them continues to fuel him.

Dabi’s rage fuels his power as fire completely consumes him in My Hero Academia Chapter 352.

Dabi then unleashes an massive fire attack that engulfs the area, taking out Burnin, Kido, and Onima on its way to strike Shoto.

When Dabi’s attack hits him Shoto thinks back to his path in life and originally thought his friends in Class 1-A were getting beyond his reach but in reality they were right next to him ready to support him.

With these thoughts in mind Shoto unleashes his Ultimate Move, Great Glacial Aegir, on Dabi. Shoto’s Great Glacial Aegir is so powerful that it freezes the entire area behind Dabi. End of chapter.


Kohei Horikoshi has reached the point that there is no more holding back. The time for everything he has been building in My Hero Academia is culminating with this current arc that is part of The Final Act Saga. Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia was further proof off that with the titanic battle between Todoroki brothers.

Something I have not given Horikoshi enough credit on is how he weaves flashbacks with current events. The more he has implemented this narrative tool the better Horikoshi has gotten at making the connection come across as natural. That is what he really has nailed during this Shoto vs Dabi battle. The flashbacks Dabi got in previous chapters and Shoto got in Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia nailed were both characters are at.

With Dabi, we’ve seen how his experiences with what Endeavor and One For All has fueled his rage and warped view on society. Even in this chapter we see that rage fueling his power so he becomes even more warped as he unleashes his full power without regard for himself or those in the area. It all does feel like Dabi has gone beyond the point of no return and he has to be stopped before burning the whole world down.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Review
Shoto Todoroki uses his friendship with Class 1-A to fuel him and reach a new level of power in My Hero Academia Chapter 352.

On Shoto’s side of things we see how important becoming friends with Izuku Midoriya and the rest of Class 1-A is. The more My Hero Academia has gone on Shoto has felt a stronger connection to his friends as he has become part of a positive, supportive group of people. Even Shoto showing off how he has evolved the Flashfire Fist shows how connected he is to his friends. This being the fuel that helps Shoto unleash his Ultimate Move, Great Glacial Aegir, was an excellent contrast to what was fueling Dabi.

All of this speaks to how Shoto and Dabi’s narrative is about what happened to both of them once they stepped out of Endeavor’s shadow. Both suffered due to Endeavor’s aim to either be the #1 Pro Hero or create a hero better than All Might. While that is part of both their narratives what really shaped them both was who they surrounded themselves with once out Endeavor’s influence. Which all speaks to the greater superhero and villain narrative Horikoshi has crafted over the course of this series as Shoto and Dabi represent that.

For all the great character work Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia was also a visual showcase of Horikoshi’s artwork. Horikoshi is really on another level with his artwork as he is going all out with multiple double page spreads to deliver the impact of Shoto and Dabi’s attacks. Both combatants attacks burst out of the page as your excitement for how things are escalating increase.


Kohei Horikoshi is on a whole new level with his current work on My Hero Academia and Chapter 352 was yet another example of that. The battle of the Todoroki Family between Shoto and Dabi was absolutely incredible. Horikoshi really dug into how Shoto and Dabi’s respective histories are what is fueling each of them. It all culminated in an excellent conclusion for My Hero Academia Chapter 352 as Shoto showed off how far he has come with his new Ultimate Move.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10