New Comic Books For April 19

April 19 is going to bring a nice haul of comics here at the Bunker. Let’s check out what the Revolution will be getting this Wednesday.


Justice #5


Nova #1
Captain America #17
Iron Man #7
New Avengers #18
Squadron Supreme #2
Wolverine Origins #1
X-Men #185


Kikaider Code 02 Vol. 3
Initial D Vol. 22
Shonen Jump #42

Wow, this is a really small week for DC! All right, which comic is the Revolution most looking forward to? That is a really tough question since this week has several of the Revolution’s favorites. I’d say Justice #5 since I love what Alex Ross and Jim Krueger are doing on this title. Krueger is so underrated, but he is one of the most talented writers in comics. Period. I’m also looking forward to Brubaker’s Captain America. That has been a consistent title ever since he took control of Captain America. I’m interested in Squadron Supreme #2 since I thought Straczynski did a nice set up job with issue #1. I have always been a Nova fan, so I’m psyched to get Nova #1. I hope it is a good read.

What comic is the Revolution least looking forward to? That is easy. X-Men #185. Man, it has been a long time since I was excited to read an X-Men comic.

We have some good manga coming out. Being a big import tuner freak, I’m always glad to get a new volume of Initial D in my grubby paws. Kikaider Code 02 is pretty solid. I’m interested to see how that story develops.