New Comic Books for August 9, 2006


52 WEEK #14



Now, this is something you don’t see too often. A small week here at the Revolution. Only 6 comics this week! I guess I’ll have absolutely no excuses for not cranking out timely reviews for all of these issues. Not only is it a small week, it looks to be a bit on the weak side. Last week boasted quite a deep and impressive line-up of comics. Almost every issue last week was an excellent read. Not so with this week. Honestly, nothing really jumps out at to me as all that interesting. Hopefully, I am proven wrong.

The DC title that I am most looking forward to would be 52 #14. I thought 52 #13 was incredible and easily the best issue so far. I cannot wait to read #14 and see where the writers are heading with all of these plotlines. I’m interested to check out this new Martian Manhunter mini-series. J’onn is a character that has plenty of potential, but has never really bloomed into a big player in the DCU. I am not familiar with A.J. Lieberman so I have no idea how his writing is going to be. Barrionuevo and Bit provide the artwork and the sneak peak panels have looked pretty nice.

Which Marvel title am I most looking forward to? Honestly, none of them. Squadron Supreme started hot with the first two issues and then just bogged down and became a rudderless ship. JMS has gotten worse with each issue. I love Frank’s artwork, but he is leaving in a couple of issues. I think that Squadron Supreme may get the axe pretty soon.

Wolverine: Origins has been less than impressive. Way is a poor man’s Ennis and Dillon shouldn’t be drawing this type of comic book. I think this title may also be getting the axe pretty soon.

Ultimate X-Men has been a terribly pedestrian title. It certainly has been the weakest of all the Ultimate universe titles. This is a third title that may be getting the axe fairly soon.

That leaves the Annihilation mini-series. I was less than impressed by the sub-par Nova mini-series so I don’t have high hopes for this mini-series. Plus, with Marvel devoting all of their creative talent, energies and time over on that other mini-series having something do to with a War of some type, I just don’t see Annihilation getting the appropriate amount of love and care by Marvel. I think it might have been a wiser decision to hold off on Annihilation until Civil War concluded.