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All right, let’s talk comic books. This is another standard sized week for The Revolution. We are getting 13 titles headed to the Bunker today. This week is a big week for DC. I normally get more Marvel titles than DC. Not so today.

Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? We have some real gems headed our way from DC today.


I am excited to read Unwritten #2. I found the debut issue of this title to be a wonderfully rich reach. Carey has created a neat setting for Unwritten and I am eager to try and decipher this mysterious world that he has constructed.


I am eager to read Red Robin #1. Now let me explain. My eagerness does not mean that I am expecting that this issue to be a great read. In fact, my gut is telling me that this title is not going to be that great. Having said that, I am trying to keep an open mind and I am curious to see what DC has in store for Tim. (Assuming Tim is indeed Red Robin.) I hope Red Robin #1 surprises me and is a good read. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the only thing I am going to enjoy in the Bat-family titles is Morrison’s Batman and Robin.


REBELS #5 should be another good read. This title has been a pleasant surprise and Bedard has impressed me with his effort so far. Unfortunately, this title does not seem to be getting much love. That is too bad. REBELS is a good action adventure sci-fi story that should have mass appeal. And the reader does not have to possess a voluminous knowledge of LEGION or Legion of Super Heroes in order to enjoy REBELS.


There is no doubt that Green Lantern Corps #37 is going to be another great read. Tomasi has been hitting home run after home run on this title with the prelude to Blackest Night stories. While Johns is giving us slower paced and dialogue heavy reads; Tomasi is focusing on giving us plenty of action. Green Lantern Corps gives the reader the feeling that a true war is about to erupt. I like both Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, but I will admit that I have found Green Lantern Corps to be the more entertaining title of the two as of late.


In the end the DC comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is Flash: Rebirth #3. Yes, this title has had its defects over the course of the first two issues. However, I have still found it to be an entertaining read. Of course, the fact that I am a Barry Allen fan makes me biased. My joy over Barry returning to the DCU has made me blind to defects with this story that might bug other readers to a much larger degree.

Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading?


I am not that confident that Batman #687 will be a quality read. Winick has absolutely no currency with me. Winick may have done some great indie work in the past; but the fact remains that his work on super hero titles has done nothing to gain my trust and faith. I will give Winick two issues to hook me; but I seriously doubt that will happen. My dislike for Winick’s writing and my lack of interest in Dick Grayson as Batman will probably mean that yet another DC title gets dropped from my permanent pull list.


In the end, Action Comics #878 is the DC comic book that I am least looking forward to reading. Rucka is giving us a rather uninspired story on this title. This has been a generic super hero story that is rapidly losing my interest. Action Comics is quickly approaching the point where I give it the axe from my permanent pull list.

Which Marvel comic book am I looking forward to reading? We have several good titles headed our way from the House of Ideas.

Of course, there is the tile that must not be mentioned by a certain writer who evidently has decided that baiting the internet is his official hobby. I’m sure I will enjoy this new issue of that unmentionable title. However, the writer’s attitude is starting to negatively impact my enjoyment of this unmentionable title.


I am intrigued by X-Men Forever #1. I find it highly unusual that Marvel would decide to go ahead and continue a story from almost twenty years ago. Many current comic book readers will have no knowledge at all of what Claremont was doing back in 1991. And many current comic book readers probably could care less about a storyline from twenty years ago.

I am also curious if Claremont has anything left in the tank. I loved Claremont’s original run on Uncanny X-Men from 1975-1991. And Claremont’s seventeen year run on Uncanny X-Men is arguably the greatest continuous run on any title by any writer. And it is probably something that will not be duplicated in the modern era. Still, the fact remains that it has been a very long time since Claremont has written anything that was up to the same standards as what he cranked out pre-1991.


I am looking forward to reading Amazing Spider-Man #597. This title has completely snuck up on me. I hated the Mephisto retcon. And I hated the vast majority of “Brand New Day” that followed the Mephisto retcon. However, out of nowhere, I suddenly found myself enjoying Amazing Spider-Man once again. And that is because this “American Son” story arc has been an absolute blast. This is a well written story arc that has good character work and some neat plot twists and turns.


Wolverine #74 should be another entertaining read. Aaron is doing a fine job delivering a straight forward action adventure tale with this two issue story arc on this title. I particularly enjoy how Aaron has poked fun at how over-exposed Wolverine has become in the 616 universe.


However, the Marvel comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is Fantastic Four #567. Even though I found the last issue of Fantastic Four to be Millar’s weakest issue of his run on this title; I am quite confident that Millar will rebound with Fantastic Four #567. I am curious to learn more about Doom’s master and how our heroes are going to deal with this seemingly unstoppable villain.

Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading?


That would be Uncanny X-Men #511. This title continues to be a total miss with me. It is a combination of horrendously cheesy dialogue, non-existent character work and unoriginal plotting that consists of ripping off what past creators have done on this title. Maybe this title will finally turn the corner and become a good read, but I am not betting on that.


5 thoughts on “New Comic Books For June 10, 2009

  1. I stopped reading Amazing when Norman nailed Gwen and had little rapidly-aging Stacy Goblins. I peaked at Amazing during OMD, and immediately put it down as I had thrown up in my mouth a little. But American Son has got even ME excited about Spidey again! I think Joe Kelly on Spider-Man was an excellent call though – I've wanted to read his Spidey since WAY back when Joe was doing Deadpool. So I'm psyched.

  2. Why can't X-Factor be mentioned at all? I understand the writer not wanting spoilers posted, but you can't even mention the title's name? It's name and previews are released all over the internet all the time.

    Did I just miss something?

  3. Rokk,
    Just a quick question in reguards to the Bat-titles. I understand why you're dropping most of the Bat-books, (I myself won't touch "Batman" with a ten-foot pole as long as long as Winick is on it), with the exception of Morrison's "Batman and Robin." But what are you're thoughts on Paul Dini's two upcoming Bat-titles, "Streets of Gotham" and "Gotham City Sirens." For me, those will be the only Bat-books I get until Bruce Wayne Returns. (And maybe "Batman Confidental" if the stories are good enough.)

  4. I am not a very big dc reader but i liked Yost on New X-Men and currently enjoy him on X-Force, so will give red robin a try for a couple issues. I just hope that DC doesnt steal him from marvel, that would be like DC stealing Nieceza off of Cable/Deadpool or like them stealing Bagley off of USM. Ironically they left a good and a great title respectively to write/draw 'Trinity'.

  5. Sorry, still not touching a Spider-Man comic even with a 12 foot pole. I can't look past the whole OMD and continue to read like nothings happened. (No offense). As for the Bat-titles, they are in a constant clusterfuck and it feels like DC doesn't know what to do with them. First they kill off Bruce, puts Dick in the Batman suit and say they want to concentrate on the minor characters like Alfred who is now running the Outsiders and turns Tim into Red Robin (sorry for spoiling), then they take Barbara off the BoP, robs her of her confidence and relegates to a mere supporting character in the new Batgirl book then they take Cassandra Cain and make her evil and create a whole lot of problems. They bring back Jason Todd and they have no idea what to do with him and instead of giving him his own title and a good writer who gets him, they drive him insane and 'kills' him off.

    /end of rant

    However I'm curious Rokk, why aren't you picking up Gotham Sirens and Streets of Gotham and I haven't seen any Outsiders review of late. You did say that you are always sold on anything written by Peter Tomasi and Paul Dini has been gold on the Detective Comics title. Why not drop a couple of titles like Action Comics, Uncanny X-Men and New Avengers you seem to dislike and pick up stuff you know will be a good read.

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