Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 6/3/09

Cover of the Week: War of Kings #4 (Jae Lee Variant)

Since reading the first two hardcovers of the Dark Towers adaption I have become a big fan of Jae Lee’s work and this cover is just awesome. It captures the epic feel of War of Kings and how powerful Black Bolt is.

Amazing Spider-Man #596 Highlights

While this scene with Peter at Gwen’s grave seemed kind of random I thought it was well done and a reminder that Peter and Norman have a long history with one another as Spider-Man and Green Goblin (respectively).

I just love that Hawkeye/Bullseye is killing some rats with his buggers while in the background Venom is getting his ass kicked by Spider-Man. I just found it hilarious how Venom’s cries for help went unnoticed due to Invisible Woman’s force field.

Got to wonder how long Peter will be able to keep up his act. But I’m sure when he slips up it will be one crazy battle.

Batman and Robin #1 Highlights

Love the explosion sound effect.

Meet the new flying Batmobile. Does anyone else think it looks similar to the Batmobile from Batman Beyond?

How about we see a mini-series titled “Batman, Robin and Ace the Bat-Hound.”

Dick’s new Batcave is reminiscent of Bruce’s Batcave from The Dark Knight movie.

The new Batman and Robin make there first public appearance in grand style. Didn’t expect anything less for a former circus acrobat like Dick Grayson.

Ultimate Spider-Man #133 Highlights

I guess Kitty perfected the stink eye after her break-up with Peter.

This is not how Ultimate Spider-Man should have ended. I blame Loeb and that his Ultimatum has infected Ultimate Spider-Man with its horribleness.

Just one page of Bendis’s interview. It was a good look back of an excellent series.

Ultimatum #4 Highlights

For what reason other than killing Doctor Strange did Dormammu get introduced in Ultimatum #4. Just chalk it up to Loeb’s continued deteriorating writing skills.

Even though this was a sweet moment it is ruined by how horrible Loeb’s writing has been that I could care less about this scene.

No one is safe in the hands of Loeb and his Ultimatum.

So the final showdown is finally here. Please let this event be over already.

War of Kings #4 Highlights

DnA have done impressive character work with Crystal. She has quickly become one my favorite characters of the event.

With the Fraternity of Raptors and Blastaar on his side Vulcan has been able to more than make of for the loss of Gladiator.

Nice to see that DnA know that Rachel has a lot of history with the Shi’ar and that they brought back some characters from the End of Greys arc.

With everything going on Rachel couldn’t see that the true person behind the riot was Darkhawk.

I was not expecting this twist. Now anything can happen in this event. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue.