New Comics For May 13, 2015

All right, my pull list might be shrinking every month but it is not empty just yet! Let’s take a peek at the comics headed to the Bunker this week.

DC Comics

Convergence #6
Convergence Aquaman #2
Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat #2
Convergence Catwoman #2
Convergence Green Arrow #2
Convergence Green Lantern Parallax #2
Convergence Justice League International #2
Convergence Superboy #2

Marvel Comics

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #8
Darth Vader #5
Guardians 3000 #8
Legendary Star-Lord #12
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two #7
Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #4
Secret Wars #2

1443149_xlLook at that list of DC titles headed to the Bunker! We have not had a list of DC comics that long since the New 52 reboot! But, I am a man of my word. I swore that if DC ever came to their sense and rolled out comic books that took place in the real DCU then I would buy them. And that is what I am doing. The only Convergence titles that I am not getting are Suicide Squad, Supergirl and Superman: Man of Steel. I never liked those characters even before the New 52 reboot.

Convergence has been bittersweet. It has been glorious reading comic books set in the real DCU. However, it is sad knowing that DC is just going to pull the rug out from under me by the end of Convergence as we go right back to nothing but the New 52. Having said that, I’m going to enjoy these titles while I can and then stop giving DC my money once they take away the real DCU after the conclusion of Convergence.

Secret-Wars-2-cover-Alex-RossWe have a decent collection of titles headed our way from Marvel. I am most excited about Darth Vader #5. Marvel has done a wonderful job with the Star Wars franchise ever since being gifted that cash cow by mama Disney. The Star Wards titles have been quality reads and I expect more of the same with the latest issue of Darth Vader. If you are a Star Wars fan and still have not sampled some of Marvel’s Star Wars titled then I certainly urge you to do so.

And, yes, I am getting Secret Wars #2. I have always been a fan of Hickman’s writing. But, Hickman struggles when it comes to trying to put a bow on his stories. Hickman often gets lost in his own detail and sometimes confuses himself to the point where he is unable to deliver a satisfying conclusion.  I still think that Secret Wars is going to be a bit of a hash. But, hopefully there is going to be some entertainment value in seeing all these different versions of the Marvel Universe slugging it out with each other in Battleworld.