New Comics Released March 15

Yesterday, the Revolution’s comic shop had a nice sized pull waiting for us. The Revolution’s new comics are:

Nightwing #118
Teen Titans Annual #1
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6
Ultimate Extinction #3
Ultimate X-Men #68

The title I am most excited to read would be Nightwing #118. This is the first “One Year Later” issue and I have a feeling that this might be the first of the “One Year Later” issues that will actually be worth the hype. DC has really been hyping the fact that Nightwing would be seriously impacted by Infinite Crisis and the one year gap after the Crisis. I am cautiously hopefull that Nightwing #118 delivers the goods.

The title I am least excited to read would be Teen Titans Annual #1. I don’t know why I bought it. One of the Revolution’s general rules is that annuals suck and are not worth wasting your money on them. The stories in the annuals almost always have nothing to do with the regular plotline of the title. They are usually over-sized throw away stories with sub-par artwork. On top of that, they cost almost twice as much as a regular comic. So, you get to pay more for a meaningless story and less than stellar artwork. I bought it simply in the hopes that Teen Titans Annual #1 might actually be worth reading since it is an Infinite Crisis tie-in. Of course, mini-series tie-ins usually aren’t worth purchasing either.

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  1. Dude, this post wasn’t even an actual review and it was freaking entertaining!

    Your writing style and reviews are brilliant. Keep it up!

    Any chance the Revolution will ever bless us with any manga reviews?

    ~ Soups

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