Supergirl and The Legion of Super Heroes

You know, I was just sitting here enjoying a little Need For Speed: Underground 2 on my PS2 here in the Bunker when a sudden rant popped in my mind. The Legion of Super Heroes. More particularly, how Supergirl (god, of all people) will be hijacking their title next issue. I have followed the LSH forever. It has always been my favorite title. Even when Keith Giffen and the Bierbaums were absolutely butchering the title with their hack writing. I remember as a little kid how thrilled I was that the Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes became The Legion of Super Heroes. Finally, the Legion rightfully had its own title. They had stepped from out of the shadow of Superbrat.

Now it all ends. The Legion is being shoved back in the shadow of yet another Superbrat. This time one even more annoying than Superboy. Yup, Supergirl. Gross. I am totally disgusted that such a pathetic excuse for a character is going to take over the title from the oldest teen super team in the history of comics. The Legion has a glorious and storied history (despite DC’s best efforts to destroy it) and deserves better than to be made an after thought to a re-tread Supergirl. I think this is a huge mistake by DC and one that may cost them many long standing readers like me. And, I don’t see where this move will bring in any new readers. Sorry, I must have missed the memo where this annoying new Supergirl suddenly became the hottest thing in comics.

I hope that the Legion survives this latest effort by DC to ruin the title. Hopefully, at some point, the Legion can once again cast off the oppressive shadow of the “Little Red S” and star in their own title once again. The strength of the Legion of Super Heroes is in its large cast of characters and the interactions between all of them. Some are enemies, some are friends and some are lovers. But, together they stand united as Legion. It is so much more than just the “Little Red S.” Supergirl by herself is irrelevant compared to the Legion. And for the spotlight to be shined on her with the rest of the Legion as a supporting cast is nauseating.


  1. “Sorry, I must have missed the memo where this annoying new Supergirl suddenly became the hottest thing in comics”

    Yes, you missed it –
    The latest sales figures from Diamond :
    At No. 4 is Supergirl 4 with estimated sales of 104,700.
    At no 62 is LSH 14 with estimated sales of 32,500

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