Nightcrawler & Silver Sable Romance

Nightcrawler & Silver Sable Romance Begins In Uncanny Spider-Man #2

Fall of X has been hard on all mutants. It’s forced the survivors from Orchis attacks of the 2023 Hellfire Gala to go their own way of handling their new status quo. For Nightcrawler he has decided to continue to be a public hero in New York City. But to be safe from Orchis Nightcrawler, with Peter Parker’s help, has joined the Spider-Man Family as the latest Spidey. This brings us to Uncanny Spider-Man #2 where Nightcrawler has an intense confrontation with Silver Sable and her crew that leads to a major for the two development.

As a brief recap, following the first issue, Uncanny Spider-Man #2 Nightcrawler saves a confused Mystique. Nightcrawler lets her go after seeing she has her own thing she is doing. Afterward, Nightcrawler runs into Dagger, who suggests he attend one of Jarvis’ Lookups support groups for heroes and their loved ones.

Nightcrawler doesn’t get much time to think of this as he is thrust right into his next fight as the Uncanny Spider-Man with Rhino coming after him. This fight gets Silver Sable’s attention, who has been hired by Vulture and Orchis to capture Nightcrawler. Silver Sable’s team can quickly contain Nightcrawler in an energy bubble. However, this is where things become complicated as Rhino continues his rampage and causes the ground under both Nightcrawler and Silver Sable to collapse and both end up underground.

Nightcrawler & Silver Sable Kiss in Uncanny Spider-Man #2
Nightcrawler and Silver Sable begin their possible romantic relationship in Uncanny Spider-Man #2. Credit: Marvel Comics

This is where the Marvel Universe’s latest romantic ship sails as in the heat of the moment of being trapped underground Nightcrawler and Silver Sable kiss. While Silver Sable apologizes for being unprofessional the attraction is clearly there. In Uncanny Spider-Man #1, Silver Sable mentioned thinking Nightcrawler is cute. And after the kiss in Uncanny Spider-Man #2 Silver Sable has a hard time hiding her attraction to Nightcrawler when they are alone.

For Nightcrawler’s part, he is also clearly attracted to Silver Sable. He genuinely flirts with her showing he feels some connection with her. However, this connection is cut short as they have to deal with Rhino. Going into full Spider-Man mode, Nightcrawler quickly switches his attention to fighting the villain. In the process, Nightcrawler makes sure to leave Silver Sable impressed with how he teleports Rhino high above into the sky to knock him out.

Does this development in Uncanny Spider-Man #2 mean we have a new major romance in the Marvel Universe? Who knows. But hey at least we now have a new ship to jump on with the pairing of Nightcrawler and Silver Sable. This could lead the X-Men to also have another major ally, something they need all the ones they can get during Fall of X.