Nightwing #112 Review

Nightwing #112 Review – Dynamic Duo Prove Why Their The Best

Nightwing #112 continues the latest team-up story between Batman and Nightwing. While Batman and Nightwing still have some lingering tension from Gotham War they still have their close bond. That was shown with how the moment Heartless appeared to show up in Gotham City both Batman and Nightwing worked together to solve the case. In working together we saw Nightwing admit to suddenly developing a fear of heights. How will this development play into the Heartless mystery? Let’s find out with Nightwing #112.


Writer: Tom Taylor and Michael W. Conrad

Artist: Sami Basri and Francesco Francavilla

Inker: Vicente Cifuentes

Colorist: Adriano Lucas

Letterer: Wes Abbott


“WHAT’S WRONG WITH NIGHTWING?! Nightwing continues to struggle with his recent woe—why can’t he leap, and what’s causing it? And Batman continues his investigation into it; is he any closer to figuring out the root of this new dilemma before there are some serious consequences? Plus, part two of the period saga! Around seven centuries ago, the Grayson name was born. A child of the Black Death. The story of revenge reaches its epic conclusion.” – DC Comics


Nightwing #112 switches up the perspective to take us out of Dick Grayson’s mind and into Bruce Wayne’s. It is a detail that adds a refreshing way to view how this story of the original Dynamic Duo team-up again. As we’ve seen from Dick’s perspective of his father, Bruce always will have a sense of pride for the person Dick Grayson has become. That pride is felt throughout Nightwing #112.

Tom Taylor does stratal the line when it comes to Bruce completely praising Dick Grayson in all his inner monologue. Taylor chooses the words carefully to show how Bruce has seen all of his protégé’s strengths and weaknesses. Unlike how he went about his own training, Bruce did do his best so Dick Grayson wasn’t consumed by the darkness of trauma. The self-reflection of Bruce admitting he fell into that darkness taps into what the original Dynamic Duo era represents for the Batman franchise.

All of this goes to highlight how while Bruce and Dick as Batman and Nightwing are on similar levels the way they got there was different. While Bruce approaches things by doing things himself Dick has never been afraid to turn to others for help. Especially now with the Titans closer together and Barbara Gordon by his side he has plenty of resources at his disposal.

This is especially important right now with Nightwing dealing with a sudden fear of heights. Having this sudden wall in front of him does not take him away from thinking of saving others. While he is certainly concern about this sudden fear Nightwing’s first thought is saving a kid in danger. That makes the integration of Batman, the Titans, and Barbara Gordon standout even more. They are his support system when he needs them so he can be the person who saves others.

Batman Family Mission Statement - Nightwing #112
Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson establish the mission statement for the Batman Family in Nightwing #112.

Batman hearing Beast Boy out when he sought out the Dark Knight’s advice was a nice touch to show how Nightwing influences his mentor. The mood in Titans Tower showed it had an impact on Batman as he gave honest advice to Beast Boy on dealing with hatred. It was a moment that Batman put on his mentor hat on. It was a good way to show how Batman and Nightwing have equally influence each other over the years.

The plotline with the evil uncle, Loc Wahid, killing his brother and sister-in-law to get their fortune was generic. There was no challenge to our heroes as they quickly solved that Loc tried to make it look like the murder was Heartless doing. Batman and Nightwing quickly figuring it out showed how sloppy Loc was. Though it did provide a chance to once again highlight how Nightwing is there to save everyone. As Batman mentions in his inner monologue, whether it’s a world or one kid in trouble Nightwing will make sure to always step up as a hero. That was the main narrative of this plot and it succeeded.

Sami Basri’s artwork helped carry the main story in Nightwing #112. Throughout this issue Basri nails the expressions and stances of different characters. This is a great example of how to create a sense of movement in a dialogue heavy issue. The transitions between each panel and page created an organic pace to how Batman, Nightwing, the Titans, and other characters interacted. This is especially helpful for a story where the inner monologue of a character, in this case Batman, is a key narrative device used. Basri complimented what Taylor was writing, and vice versa.

“The Son Of Gray” back-up story by Michael Conrad and Francesco Francavilla was a swing-and-a-miss, at least from a story perspective. We’ve seen the “Gray Son of Gotham” story done much better and this one didn’t add much to the history of Dick Grayson’s family. Especially with the way it ended just felt the aspirations for what this story was supposed to do was too much for the page count it was given. Though we did at least have Francavilla’s excellent artwork to marvel at how he captures the period piece nature of the story.


Nightwing #112 is yet another example of what has made this series consistently one of the best comic books DC Comics publishes on a monthly basis. Tom Taylor and Sami Basri nail what makes the dynamic between Batman and Nightwing special. Their chemistry makes you further invested in them both as individuals and as father-son. By the end we get another story that further showcases why Nightwing is a top-tier hero.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

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