Nightwing #113 Review

Nightwing #113 Review – Celebrating 300th Legacy Issue

Nightwing #113 is a major milestone issue for the character as it is his legacy number 300th issue. Hitting 300 comic book issue is a major deal for any franchise to reach. Especially for a solo hero it shows the longevity Nightwing has had as a character. It’s also a major win for legacy characters as Dick Grayson has been around as long as anyone. The only characters that have been around longer from DC Comics are a handful of characters like Batman and Superman. Find out how this milestone issue turned out with our review of Nightwing #113.


Writers: Tom Taylor, Marv Wolfman, and Michael W. Conrad

Artists: Daniele Di Nicuolo, Bruno Redondo, and Howard Porter

Colorists: Adriano Lucas and Hi-Fi

Letterers: Wes Abbott


“LANDMARK 300TH ISSUE! Since the 1940’s, you’ve seen him go from acrobat to orphan; from Dick Grayson to Robin; from Robin to Nightwing. You’ve seen him work alongside the universe’s most powerful heroes, against existence’s most sinister villains. You have seen Dick Grayson do so many things, but now, in his 300th issue, you will see him… well, you’ll just have to pick up the issue and find out. Join us for this legacy 300 milestone!” – DC Comics


Nightwing #113 was exactly what it needed to be. It built towards a celebration worthy of Nightwing’s major milestone. At the same time, Tom Taylor plants seeds that will sprout in the final story arc of his creative run on Nightwing, titled “Fallen Grayson.”

The main story in Nightwing #113 is a great example of what has made this run special. Taylor has fully embraced Nightwing’s legacy from the beginning of his run. Part of that is the importance of Dick Grayson’s connection to the Batman Family. Showing Nightwing teaming up with his Robin brothers, Damian Wayne and Tim Drake, showcased this. Nightwing could handled things at the pier on his own but bringing in Damian and Tim made the work much more effective. It also another opportunity to show the chemistry Dick, Damian, and Tim have with one another.

This also works into Dick Grayson knowing that Barbara Gordon has been working overtime as Oracle. It plays into how we are seeing Oracle operating in the Batman Family books, Birds of Prey, and Titans. A gesture like making sure that Barbara gets a full eight hours of sleep. It naturally opened a fun way to showcase the dynamic between Dick and Barbara when the latter woke up.

The story of Dick Grayson having something planned for his birthday did give some urgency to his investigation into what Heartless is doing. Heartless is leaving clear signs that he is active for Nightwing to find. Though it does create the question if Heartless knows that Nightwing and Dick Grayson are one and the same. From how things look Heartless, Tony Zucco, and their crew are more targeting Dick Grayson because of what he has accomplished in making Bludhaven a thriving city.

Dick Grayson & Marv Wolfman - Nightwing #113
Dick Grayson shares a moment with Marv Wolfman in Nightwing #113. Credit: DC Comics

Nightwing not being able to continue his investigation because of the special event for his birthday was transitioned well too. The special event being that Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon both get a key to the city for their work through the Alfred Pennyworth Foundation was a great payoff for this series. Dick making sure that Barbara was honored alongside him was a nice touch as they have been working as partners in everything during this period. Adding in their family and friends either in attendance or watching the broadcast further drove home how this was a payoff to all the work they’ve done to improve Bludhaven together.

Ending this story with Dick Grayson throwing a party outside Marv & Goerge’s Pizza was a fantastic choice. Taylor having Marv Wolfman write the interaction between Dick and the DCU version of Marv was touching. Wolfman nailed how to make sure he spoke through his fictional self without taking you out of the story. It was made even better with how Wolfman also honored George Perez in during this scene.

Nightwing #113 was made even better by Daniele Di Nicuolo and Bruno Redondo artwork. Nicuolo did a great job creating a sense of movement with all the action. The character focus scenes had a fun energy, thanks to Adriano Lucas colors. Redondo working on the scene Wolfman wrote elevated the importance of this moment Dick Grayson and the DCU Marv Wolfman had.

The back-up story by Michael Conrad and Howard Porter was a nice change of pace from the character heavy main story. Conrad simply having Porter’s artwork carry the story of Nightwing saving a train full of people from a gang trying to set off a bomb was handled well. There was great sense of urgency to Nightwing saving everyone.


Nightwing #113 is a phenomenal comic book to celebrate the character’s 300th comic book issue. The chemistry Nightwing has with his cast is on full display. A touching scene between Dick Grayson and Marv Wolfman took this comic book to the next level. This is a must have for every Nightwing fan.

Story Rating: 10 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

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