No New Comics This Week

That’s right this week I am not getting any new comics. Because Christmas is next week I have been busy doing some late Christmas shopping since I finally freed up some time to get all the shopping done this week so I wont have an opportunity to go to my LCS this week. Also I got some of my family coming in to celebrate Christmas and the football season winding down that is keeping much of my attention. Plus who doesn’t love just getting some hot chocolate or egg nog while watching football and all the drama surrounding a lot of teams, especially my Dallas Cowboys.

Now even though I am not getting any new comics this week I have decided to write a couple reviews for some DVDs that I finally got a chance to watch after having them on my shelf for a month or so that I was waiting to watch until I finished up my projects and my finals. So expect reviews for a couple of the following DVDs:

The Dark Knight
Deathnote Vol. 1 (ep. 1-20)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody

Hopefully I will be able to write at least two reviews this week but I am not promising anything. But still expect my weekly anime review today or tomorrow.

Hope everyone enjoys their comics this week and is having a happy holidays.