DC Comics New Amethyst Series

NYCC 2019 Commentary: DC Comics Launches New Amethyst Series

DC Comics New Amethyst Series

DC Comics started to make some noise on the second day of New York Comic Con 2019. One of their bigger announcements for day two of NYCC 2019 was that there would be a new Amethyst ongoing series starting in February 2020. This new series will be under the Wonder Comics line that DC Comics launched for titles like Young Justice. 

Given that Amethyst has played such a big part of the Young Justice series thus far, with the first major arc focused around Gemworld, this is not a surprising announcement. Placing it under the Wonder Comics banner will help that line continue to focus on the younger heroes it is aiming to spotlight. 

Thus far the Wonder Comics banner has had some solid comics. Young Justice is a solid seller thus far. The line also had the critically acclaimed Naomi series, which successfully introduced a new member of the Superman Family to the mix. Now that Naomi is on hiatus this is a good time for Amethyst to fill the gap left by that series.

DC Comics New Amethyst Series Interior
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The one thing I am surprised about this announcement for a new Amethyst comic that DC Comics was quick to announce it as an ongoing. While Amethyst has been around for quite a while she has never been a big star. To put this immediately as an ongoing puts more pressure on the sales numbers to do well. 

This has been a consistent issue for not only DC Comics but also Marvel. We’ve seen it countless times for characters like Amethyst who are more on the minor character side be immediately put into ongoings. Unfortunately we have seen a trend that characters with less name recognition get their ongoing series get canceled after six to ten issues.

That is not to say that Amy Redder won’t do a great job on Amethyst. This new series has the opportunity to stand out as there is nothing like Gemworld in the rest of the DC Universe right now. That will immediately give Amethyst a big boost in being unique.

Though it may have been better to start this Amethyst comic as a six issue mini-series. That way fans can see what a complete story with Amethyst as the lead can be without having to do cliffhanger after cliffhanger. Then if the mini-series is successful DC could give a full ongoing series order for the series. That would give the series another marketing push to fans that it is a series to keep an eye on since DC upgraded to ongoing.

DC Comics New Amethyst Cover
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Now I hope that Amethyst is a great series. It will definitely help enhance the Wonder Comics line that isn’t getting a big push right now. With a new series like Amethyst there is now a chance to bring more eyeballs to the line that is mostly known for Young Justice.  


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