Poll: Which Company Is Currently Publishing The Best Reads?

The Revolution’s poll dealt with the question of which company between Marvel and DC is currently publishing the best reads. This poll generated 368 votes. The final results were:

1st Place: DC Comics: 51% (191 votes)

2nd Place: Marvel: 39% (147 votes)

3rd Place: I Like Both Marvel & DC Equally: 8% (30 votes)

I can’t say that I’m stunned that DC won this poll. It think the timing of this poll right after the almost universally despised retcon over on Amazing Spider-Man may have given DC the momentum to win this poll. I am somewhat surprised by the margin of victory that DC posted. I figured that this poll would be a tight race with the margin of victory only being a percentage point or two.

Personally, I had a hard time choosing between Marvel and DC. Quite honestly, I am summarily unimpressed with both companies. I’m curious to see how fans react to the upcoming big events that Marvel and DC are trotting out this year. Hopefully, Secret Invasion and Final Crisis can turn in strong performances and get me feeling more positive about the directions of both companies. Having said that, I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks for participating in the poll. I always love hearing what the followers of The Revolution have to say.

5 thoughts on “Poll: Which Company Is Currently Publishing The Best Reads?

  1. I like the introduction of the poll. Its a neat way to interact with the readers of the revolution.

    I must say that I am stunned by the results. I would have throught that Marvel would win seeing that most of the reviews and comments I read on the ‘net happen to be favorable towards Marvel. I guess the Spidey fallout hurt, while the GL/Sinestro may still be on people’s minds.

    It reminds me how cyclical comics can be. I used to hate DC when I was a kid because I thought their characters were childish (and being a child myself wanted to grow up quickly). So I loved Marvel. As I got older I became more and more nostalgic and seeing how dark comics have become I’ve gravitated towards DC.

    I also believe that Marvel has no idea who their characters are. Most of there heroes seem to be written out-of-character. They also introduce these story-lines that seem to go against the fundamental laws of comics or set them up for failure. For example, hero vs hero in Civil War (as a kid, heroes never fought heroes, unless they were brainwashed or something fancy like that) and a certain someone making a deal with a certain someone else. DC seems to have a better grasp of their characters behavior and don’t seem to be selling them (or their future) out as much to make the extra buck now.

    On the other hand I seem to be buying a little more Marvel than DC, though I seem to enjoy DC a little bit more. Odd.

    Anyway…keep up the good work and until Peter Parker makes a deal with the devil…Make Mine Marvel!

  2. I agree with you overall that both companies leave something to be desired and this likely is due to editorial oversight turning into editorial directives (a la Countdumb and One Miserable Day). However, like you said there are gems: GL and Capt A. I think it would be unfair to attribute DC’s win to OMD however. 52 is still fresh in some people’s minds as is the lackluster Civil War and potentially atrocious Skrull stuff (although the jury is still out). Personally, I am buying more DC than Marvel, but that is due to adding GL (and recently Booster Gold) while dropping Amaz Spiderman and the recently insipid Exiles.

  3. I’ve been systematically driven off just about every book about every Marvel character I like.
    With DC, even with a bad storyline in one book, there is still usually some good Superman, or Batman stories in the other titles.

    Also, unlike Marvel, DC’s hack-work events are pretty much falling on the shoulders of minor characters I never cared for anyway.

  4. Do you think maybe there’s a slight DC bias in readers visiting a site adorned with Legion paraphernalia?

    I voted DC, but to my dismay, in polls on my site the meager response has been overwhelmingly Marvel, every time.

    (That might be, in part, due to a lot of non-reader traffic, mind you…)

    Keep up the good work, chief!

  5. Yeah, I think you’re quite right. Damn you, Bryan Singer!

    I definitely feel DC have been the stronger house the last few years, although, recent times… I think things have evened up.
    As sloppy as some things have been, I think Marvel’s set up for a strong 2008.

    Not sure what to expect from DC this year, but look forward to finding out! Cheers!

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