Poll: Which Major Event Is The Best Read?

The Revolution’s second poll dealt with the current major events that are going on in Marvel and DC and which one has been the best read. The winner didn’t surprise me; however some of the other results were mildly surprising. This poll generated 223 votes.

1st Place: Sinestro War: 60% (135 votes)
2nd Place: Countdown to Final Crisis: 24% (54 votes)
3rd Place: World War Hulk: 9% (21 votes)
4th Place: The Initiative: 3% (8 votes)
5th Place: Amazons Attack: 2% (5 votes)

I’m not surprised that Sinestro War won the poll. I voted for Sinestro War and have found this story to be nothing short of fantastic. Johns is delivering a big event storyline that I am enjoying more than Infinite Crisis and Civil War.

Now, I expected Sinestro War to win, but I definitely didn’t think it would crush all of the competition. It wasn’t even close. Sinestro War absolutely destroyed the competition by receiving 60% of the votes.

What was a mild surprise was that Countdown handily defeated World War Hulk to take second place in this poll. Personally, I am enjoying more Countdown than World War Hulk. But, the fact remains that Countdown has been a bit of a disappointment and certainly hasn’t lived up to the hype. And I read lots of negative comments about Countdown all over the place. Add to that the fact that Marvel is a sales juggernaut and has the larger fan base than DC. Therefore, I really thought that World War Hulk would beat out Countdown.

I wasn’t surprised that The Initiative and Amazons took the bottom two spots in this poll. However, I was surprised that the absolutely horrendous Amazons Attack event, that I haven’t seen get any love anywhere, almost beat out The Initiative.

Thanks for participating in the poll. It is always cool to hear what the followers of The Revolution have to say.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Which Major Event Is The Best Read?

  1. The way I see it, Countdown (at least thus far) isn’t an “event” so much as just a vaguely tenuous method of connecting many of the DCU books. Some DCU books expand on scenes seen in “Countdown,” and vice-versa, but it feels odd to label it an “event” mostly because there hasn’t been a whole lot happening in the book itself.

  2. The Initiative is even more like that; it’s not a real story, just a general story idea that all the non-X-titles are running with (and, for my money, it’s going quite well; most of Marvel’s titles are either better or not noticeably affected by it).

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