Previewing this Week’s Releases: 8/17/09 – 8/23/09

Amazing Spider-Man #603 – The last issue was better than the first part of The Red Headed Stranger. Van Lente did a good job with the return of the Chameleon and I am interested to see what Chameleon wants, how “Peter’s” meeting goes with MJ, and how Peter escaped getting an acid bath.
Batgirl #1 – It is a bit weird that DC waited this long to finally release the first issue of this new Batgirl series with most Bat-titles already having three issue out already in the Batman: Reborn storyline. Also DC has made it pretty obvious who is going to be Batgirl. Still I am going to give this first issue a shot to see if Bryan Q. Miller can provide a solid story as he has done with his recent work on Teen Titans.
Batman: Streets of Gotham #3 – So far Streets of Gotham has been the strongest Batbook since Dick Grayson has taken over the mantle. Dini has done a great job balancing out the action and drama in the first two issues. He has really stacked the deck against Dick with having to deal with Thomas Elliot (Hush) posing as Bruce Wayne, the gang war, a mysterious vigilante, and having to deal with Damien. With all of this series this is the issue I am most looking forward to reading this week.
Daredevil #500 – So far Brubaker has done a very good job with this “Return of the King” arc brings back Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) to the Marvel Universe after being gone for about a year. And with this issue being the last issue in Brubaker’s run I expect him to deliver an excellent ending to this story arc before Andy Diggle takes over this title.
Wolverine: Weapon X #4 – Jason Aaron and Ron Garney have done a great job with the only solo book Logan is starring in now. Aaron has given this series an old school feel as he has returned Wolverine to his roots and living up to the “the best at what he does” that Wolverine hasn’t really been living up to since becoming Marvel’s most overexposed superhero.