Revolutionary Manifesto #2: Ed Hannigan: Covered

Some comics stick with you forever. In the days of the newstand comics, a cover could make all the difference in the world. A good Neal Adams cover was money in the bank. When I was growing up, Adams was the king of the cover artists. His striking images made a book jump off the old spinner rack. To this day I still remember classic Adams covers.

Going forward in time to the seventies, another artist started catching my eye with his innovative covers. That artist was Ed Hannigan.

Ed’s covers combined Will Eisner like designs with Marvel style drawings. The combination proved effective. Ed’s interior artwork appeared in Peter Parker, Green Arrow, and many others.

Now Ed has multiple sclerosis. In an effort to help with his medical expenses, the Hero Initiative (with Marvel Comics) is releasing Ed Hannigan: Covered. It goes on sale on December 2nd.

If you have enjoyed Ed’s art, please consider picking this book up. This is a chance for the comics community to give back to a person who gave some amazing art to us.

Another way you can help Ed is to buy the Skull and Crossbones graphic novel from Moonstone in December. Moonstone will be donating 100% of the profits to Ed.