Scarlet Witch #10 Review

Scarlet Witch #10 Review – Final Issue!

Scarlet Witch is surprisingly ending with the this tenth issue being the final one of Steven Orlando and Sara Pichelli’s run. Though this isn’t the end of Scarlet Witch’s modern adventures. As we learned at NYCC 2023 we are getting a new mini-series by Steve Orlando and Lorenzo Tammetta called Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver. Now before we get to that mini-series launch in 2024 we need to see how Orlando and Pichelli wrap-up Wanda Maximoff’s ongoing adventures. Find out how it ends with Scarlet Witch #10.


Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Sara Pichelli

Colorist: Frank William

Letterer: Cory Petit


“SCARLET WITCH VS. HEXFINDER! When chaos magic meets alchemical might, it’s all Wanda can do to keep her town—and her friends—from getting caught in the crossfire. Hexfinder has sworn vengeance on all witches and won’t stop until Wanda is a trophy on her wall. Wanda is one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe—but can she stand against someone who’s trained her whole life to eradicate magic?” – Marvel Comics


Maintaining what made their run so successful, Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli find a balance between action and emotional storytelling for Scarlet Witch #10. Its how the action feeds into the emotion, and vice versa, that makes this an appropriate ending for this ongoing series.

A key in all of this is putting over Hexfinder as a villain. Orlando and Pichelli do not waste time in making Hexfinder the biggest threat Scarlet Witch has fought. And it wasn’t simply a power advantage that was used to put over Hexfinder. It was the Batman-style planning Hexfinder did ahead of this battle with Scarlet Witch that made her intriguing. She made use of being an unknown to Wanda Maximoff to let her planning gain her the advantage in the fight.

Speaking of advantage, that is where Joeseph, Magneto’s clone, played a big role on the emotional side of things. Orlando got over how Joseph felt like a vessel to be utilized for whatever Hexfinder needed him to do. Whether it was using his powers to surround Hexfinder and Scarlet Witch with Mysterium or stopping Darcy Lewis from interfering, he was there to help the villain out.

Scarlet Witch vs Hexfinder
Wanda Maximoff has an epic back-and-forth fight with Hexfinder in Scarlet Witch #10. Credit: Marvel Comics

Which is where Pichelli’s artwork was at its best. Because while Joseph was doing all this for Hexfinder he was clearly having an internal battle. He was in a spot where he had no other choice. This led to Darcy Lewis playing a key role in waking Joseph up to remind him he isn’t a puppet. Darcy bringing up her own experience to relate to Joseph was a good payoff for her arc as she has grown over the course of this series.

This all comes back to once again showing how Scarlet Witch does not back down from any challenge. Wanda has a strong fortitude that she doesn’t just break down because she is at a disadvantage. Her experience makes allows her to be creative about how she can use her powers and skills to fight back. Which we see here as even with the advantage from all her planning Hexfinder couldn’t fully gain the advantage in their fight. Scarlet Witch constantly found a way to counter, buying enough time for Joseph to come to his senses.

Making this ending to the fight better was that Hexfinder wasn’t simply erased. While Scarlet Witch won Orlando and Pichelli made sure to do so in a way where Hexfinder can return. That’s a good thing as Hexfinder has all the potential to become Scarlet Witch’s rival in the future.


Scarlet Witch #10 ends this series on a high note. There was a great mix of action and emotion throughout this finale. Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli proved that Wanda Maximoff can carry a solo series that has all the elements of a great superhero comic book. This ending leaves the door open for more adventures led by Scarlet Witch and hopefully we see more of after the mini-series with Quicksilver.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10