SDCC 19 Early Announcements

SDCC 2019 Commentary: Tales From The Dark Multiverse, Power Rangers/TMNT And More

SDCC 19 Early Announcements

San Diego Comic Con 2019 does officially open its doors until this Thursday, July 18th. But even with that only a few short days away it has not stopped DC Comics, Marvel and BOOM! Studios already bringing the comic book announcements. There were some big announcements such as a visit through the Dark Multiverse and the crossover of the decade being announced. Let’s take a look at these announcements now.


SDCC 19 Tales From The Dark Multiverse Death Of Superman
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Over the last few years’ DC Comics has been diving back into the Elseworld concept. One of the biggest Elseworld opportunities that was presented was by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Night: Metal event. In that series we saw the creation of the Dark Multiverse that was the place of origin for the Dark Knights’ Batmen all the main DC Universe heroes had to unite to fight against.

Now DC is going to be diving in deeper into the possibilities created in Dark Night: Metal with a new series of one-shot comics under the Tales From The Dark Multiverse banner. The first of these comics will introduce us to Dark Multiverse continuities created by the iconic Batman: Knightfall and Death of Superman storylines. Given the way we saw the universe of the Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse developed there is a lot of directions these two new Elseworld universes can go.

SDCC 19 Tales From The Dark Multiverse Batman Knightfall
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Having Scott Snyder aboard for the Batman: Knightfall one-shot in particular gives an immediate sense of importance to these comic books. He is after all one of the creators of the Dark Multiverse. Seeing how he and co-writer Kyle Higgins, who wrote the Nightwing: New Order Elseworld tale, will alter the Batman: Knightfall story will be great to see. It could finally give Azrael a chance to shine in a story that is tailored for his character to excel.

Tales From The Dark Multiverse’s Death of Superman series has just as much potential. Given the cover it does look as though the Lois Lane of this universe will play a major role in this story. The teaser cover indicates that she may obtain Kryptonian-level powers and take over the role of Superman with Clark dying. That will likely put her into conflict against that universe’s Justice League and other Superman Family members.

Source: Newsarama


SDCC 19 New Metal Men Series
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Continuing their series of announcements DC Comics revealed a new Metal Men series that will be handled by Dan DiDio, Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki. From what was said about this series it looks as though Metal Men is a late spinoff series from the events in Dark Nights: Metal. It is odd timing since tying it to the Nth Metal Man would’ve been better if this series was released right after the event. Didio being the series writer also not a selling point since he has yet to hit with a break out series since starting to write stuff for DC Comics when the New 52 began. But maybe being paired with extremely talented creators like Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki will help Metal Men be the break out series DC Comics it is hoping it will be.

Source: THR


SDCC 19 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Personally, the biggest announcement that was made was the crossover series featuring Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is a project that as a fan of both franchises I was hoping we would eventually get. Especially since the Power Rangers In Space crossover with the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation crossover did not end up holding up well at all.

Now we get a second chance at a crossover between both iconic franchises thanks to BOOM! Studios. It is surprising that BOOM! Studios is the one handling the publishing of this series with Go Go and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers writer Ryan Parrott and Beyond the Grid artist Simone di Meo. This seems to indicate that the version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will not be based on the incredible IDW series currently ongoing. Though the style of the Ninja Turtles does featured on the cover with the Powers Rangers does match the versions from the IDW series. So there is still hope to be had that maybe we will also see the recently introduced female Ninja Turtle, Jennika, take part in this series.



SDCC 19 Absolute Carnage #5 Cover
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While it was not officially labeled an early SDCC ‘19 announcement we did learn that the Absolute Carnage event was extended to five issues. It is honestly surprising that the event was originally announced as being less than five issues. Normally Marvel has there events be at least seven issues long. Still, even with this extension to five issues is not to bad. It is enough to make the Absolute Carnage event come across as a big deal. At the same time it still keeps it at an issue count where the story can maintain a quick pace. Given the popularity of the symbiotes for Marvel it won’t be surprising if Absolute Carnage actually ends up being at or near the top of the sales charts.

Source: CBR

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