Spy x Family Chapter 51

Spy X Family Chapter 51 Review

Spy x Family is in the middle of its biggest story arc to date as Yor Forger’s work as Thorn Princess has led her on a mission to protect the last remaining members of a mafia family. This mission has become increasingly complicated by all the assassins that are targeting the mafia family on the cruise ship Yor’s mission is on. At the same time, we have been seeing Loid Forger on the same cruise ship trying his best to be let go of being a super spy at all times to spend father-daughter time with Anya Forger. Now that we are getting close to the end of this story how will things go next? Let’s find out with Spy x Family Chapter 51.

Writer and Artist: Tatsuya Endo

Synopsis: As everyone gathers to watch the fireworks on the cruise ship Anya Forger uses this opportunity to lead Olka Gretcher, Gram Gretcher, and Furseal Grey to the extraction point. Anya keeps her guard up the entire time as she hides Olka, Gram, and Furseal any time danger appears.

As they go to the extraction point one of the assassins picks up Olka and Gram’s scent. The assassin is pleased to have found his target.

Elsewhere Anya Forger has her dad take her to the best spot on the cruise ship to watch the fireworks. Since Anya can’t see above the crowd Loid Forger puts her on his shoulders so she can get a better view of the fireworks. As she gets ready to watch the fireworks Anya remembers her mom is on a mission and wonders how it is going.

In another part of the cruise ship, Yor spots several assassins on their way to the extraction point. Taking this into account Yor leads Olka, Gram, and Furseal to another way to the extraction point.

Just as they make it outside Yor, Olka, Gram, and Furseal are surprised by the fireworks suddenly going off. Yor quickly gets refocused and takes the others further down the cruise ship.

Spy x Family Chapter 51
Yor Forger leads Olka Gretcher and Gram Gretcher to the extraction point on the cruise ship in Spy x Family Chapter 51. Click for a full page view.

As they get close to the extraction point Yor senses a sniper nearby and is able to save Olka and Gram from being shot. Olka then counters by throwing one of her knives at the sniper.

Another assassin suddenly appears and throws knives at Olka and Gram. Yor is able to save Olka and Gram. Yor then knocks the assassin several yards away from Olka and Gram.

While Yor checks if Olka and Gram are okay assassins from all over the cruise ship surround Yor’s group.

Yor thinks how she didn’t sense any of the assassins, showing her that they are all extremely skilled. Yor gets out her knives ready to take on all of the assassins alone. End of chapter.

The Good: With that, the stage is set for one of the biggest finales for any story arc we have had in Spy x Family up to this point. Tatsuya Endo did that by giving us the best chapter to date in this story arc with Spy x Family Chapter 51.

Throughout Spy x Family Chapter 51 Endo never lets go of the tension that is felt on the cruise ship. With Yor Forger leading Olka Gretcher, Gram Gretcher, and Furseal Grey to the extraction point you as the reader are ready for things to break down with Yor getting into a big fight. This speaks to the build Endo has had from his work in previous chapters where we saw Yor take on other assassins. Those chapters set things up so you are on your guard as much as Yor is in each panel.

The fireworks ceremony on the cruise ship was a great use of setting to create even further tension. Endo has such great comedic timing with how the fireworks surprise Yor, Olka, Gram, and Furseal because they are so on their guard. It was a brief moment that gave some levity to what was an otherwise tense-filled chapter.

The development of the assassins who are after Olka and Gram elevated the danger around this entire chapter. The assassin who could pick up Olka and Yor’s scent, in particular, continues to build up as a final boss-level assassin. His tracking ability made it so you were left wondering how long Yor could keep Olka and Gram safe.

That all made the last eight pages of Spy x Family Chapter 51 a strong way to set up the next chapter. We once again see Yor go into full Thorn Princess mode as she is able to protect Olka and Gram without missing a beat. Whether it was from a sniper or a knife-wielding assassin Yor was prepared to counter any attack while protecting Olka and the others at the same time. This led to the final splash page having maximum hype around it as we see Yor as Thorn Princess ready to fight assassins she knows are extremely skilled.

Spy x Family Chapter 51
Thorn Princess gets ready to take on an army of assassins at the end of Spy x Family Chapter 51. Click for a full page view.

While they don’t play a big part in this chapter, Endo does a good job of keeping the father-daughter bonding between Loid and Anya sub-plot going. The two going to the fireworks ceremony played into how Loid was finally acting more like a normal father with Anya. Placing Anya on his shoulders came across as a natural thing for Loid to do, something we didn’t get from his actions in the previous chapters where he was very tense in everything he did.

At the same time, Endo does a good job of setting up the possibility for Anya and Loid to get involved in Yor’s fight with the other assassins. Because as we saw, Anya was trying to figure out if she could find her mom through the ceremony. While she did get distracted by the fireworks there is still the hint that Yor’s fight could be seen by Anya and Loid. The possibility of that creates even greater interest in how things will be wrapped up in this major storyline.

The Bad: Nothing.

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Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Overall: Tatsuya Endo was at the top of his game with his work on Spy x Family Chapter 51. Everything that takes place in this chapter gets you even more invested in how things will conclude in Yor’s current mission as the Thorn Princess. I am as hyped as possible to get the next chapter of Spy x Family to find out how things turn out!

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