Terror Titans #4 Review

Creative Team
Writer: Sean McKeever
Artist: Joe Bennett
Inker: Jack Jadson
Colorist: Rod Reis

Story – Terror Titans Part 4: Shock and Awe

This mini-series continues to be just as of a shallow of a read as its father title, Teen Titans. Every character in this title continue to be just one note characters. The worse part of it is that all the characters fall under three categories: mind-controlled, manipulated, or evil.

Sean McKeever continues to fail when it comes to develop any of the characters in this title. And while it was great seeing Static in action again, since I was a fan of both his comic and cartoon, he is the best example of McKeever’s lack of character development. With the recruiting arc going on over in Teen Titans this title is a wasted opportunity to develop some future Titans. This mini-series could have been a great chance for McKeever to give some underutilized characters like Zatara and Aquagirl some much needed character development since non of the Terror Titans aren’t very interesting

One of the only things I am enjoying in this series is that Ravager is in this title. Ravager continues to be my favorite Titan and McKeever is at least doing a decent job showing she is still a badass character. Hopefully after this mini-series is over Ravager will return to the Teen Titans.

The other thing that I continue to enjoy about this mini-series is Joe Bennett’s artwork. Just like Eddy Barrows art over in Teen Titans, Bennett continues to improve with each issue. His fight scene were some great visual and he was able to convey how powerful Static is in his fight with Ravager. Static will be a series powerhouse when he joins the team. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bennet and Barrows switch off every other arc since both their art styles are very similar.

Issue Rating
Story: 3.6/10 – McKeveer work continues to lack character development and all of the characters are one dimensional.
Art: 7.7/10 – Bennett’s artwork was one of the only positives of this issue. He did some great work when it came to all the action scenes.
Overall: 5.65/10 – This mini-series continues to be a shallow read but I have stuck with this series until now and I will see how this story ends with this issue.

2 thoughts on “Terror Titans #4 Review

  1. I agree once again. Although I worry about Ravager in that inhaler–is McKeever gonna do a drug addiction storyline? Cause thats tired, plus she already ripped out her own eye while under the influence. Also I just heard that McKeever will be doing the Titans title for awhile this year. Why do they relaunch a classic team and then give it to this guy who keeps proving he shouldn't have creative control?

  2. @Captain Elias: I am kind of ignoring that part of the story with Ravager since, like you, I am tired of reading about drug addicted characters. With all the work Johns did with her character to separate Raveger from her father McKeever is only regressing her character instead of improving.

    And I agree I do not understand why McKeever is going to be writing Titans as well. I would much rather see McKeever write a solo book with Robin or another teenage hero since that is were McKeever niche lies.

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