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The Forged #1 Advance Review

Growing up a fan of Gundam and Voltron one of my favorite genres is space mech stories. Any comic book, manga, or anime with these elements I will always check out. This brings us to Eric Trautmann, Greg Rucka, and Mike Henderson’s The Forged series for Image Comics. Based on the preview this looks to tap into the type of stories I like from space mech stories. I got a chance to check out an advance copy of The Forged #1. Scroll down to find out how it turned out.


Writers: Eric Trautmann and Greg Rucka

Artist: Mike Henderson

Colorist: Nolan Woodard

Letterer: Ariana Maher


When it comes to The Forged #1 know that you aren’t entering into a new story. This is a comic book that embraces being inspired by things like Star Wars, Gundam, Warhammer, and Mass Effect. All the elements from a space soap opera you want are here.

The female cast that makes up The Forged team are all badass space marine soldiers. Eric Trautmann and Greg Rucka get you to know these characters through the conversations they have based on the relationships they have already established. The conversations all have a good flow so you understand the different personalities in The Forged.

The Forged team is complimented by the military leader who are the political officials we’ve all seen before. Having this variety of cast with different roles makes the titled Forged team stand out even more. Especially when members of The Forged and military leaders share panel time the difference between the two groups on the spaceship stand out even more.

The Forged #1 Cover
Mike Henderson’s cover for The Forged #1. Credit: Image Comics

Then there is the mystical figure who makes the plot move. This is where as the reader you just got to embrace anything that can happen in this world. You can’t enter The Forged #1 thinking you’ll get all this cool space science like we see in Stark Trek. Specifically, how this character acts is very much something where if you buy into how the Force in Star Wars or magic in Harry Potter works where anything this mystical figure wants to do can do. If you buy into that the story that unfolds is one of intrigue that you do want to know what actions are taken mean for our lead characters in The Forged.

What makes The Forged #1 work as well as it does is Mike Henderson’s excellent artwork. The artwork absolutely steals the show as everything in The Forged #1 captures the larger-than-life feeling you want from a space soap opera story. The Forged team’s design immediately stands out as they don’t need their armor to kick ass. This adds excitement to actually seeing what they do when they do wear their Mobile Suit-style armor.

Henderson’s artwork also puts over how the mystical character that appears to be controlling everything has this unlimited scope with their power. The way she uses her mystic powers creates a sense of unease when she interacts with different characters. You are left wondering what her true intentions are. And that is all thanks to how Henderson draws the character to act.


Every element of an epic space soap opera shows itself in The Forged #1. We got political intrigue involving space military force. There is a supernatural force that you don’t get a clear idea of if they are on any side or just out for themselves. All that is tied together with characters that you immediately know are badasses who will be kicking ass. It all comes together for a great start to a new cosmic adventure that leaves you excited to find out where Eric Trautmann, Greg Rucka, and Mike Henderson take the story next.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10