Titans #12 Review

Titans #12 Review – “Dark-Winged Queen”

As Absolute Power is right around the corner the Titans have a more immediate pressing concern. That is due to the fallout of Beast World still being felt in the series with Dark Raven secretly plotting behind their back. With each passing issue we’ve seen Dark Raven become the Dark-Winged Queen that this storyline is titled after. The debut of new antagonist Vanadia, T.O. Morrow’s latest Amazo creation, triggering the full transformation into the Dark-Winged Queen created a lot of questions as to where we will go next in this storyline. Let’s find out with Titans #12.


Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Lucas Meyer

Colorist: Adriano Lucas

Letterer: Wes Abbott


“HELL COMES FOR BLÜDHAVEN! With the team on the ropes and Waller to blame, Nightwing and his allies must look within for the answers to their never-ending problems. Will Raven, the demon’s daughter, lead them to salvation or to slaughter at the hands of her father, Trigon?” – DC Comics


Titans #12, like it’s preceding chapter, is an example of how to handle the introduction of a new antagonist without them feeling like a plot device. There is genuine care put into fully developing Vanadia backstory, so you care for the big moments that happen in this issue. This allows her character to never feel like a plot device to move the Dark-Winged Queen storyline forward but a character that exists in the DC Universe.

Getting us to care for Vanadia goes such a long way in so many ways. As with the previous issue of the series, Vanadia’s origin, formerly known as Vanessa, being tied to the original Titans is a strong connection point to the team.  While what Vanessa became isn’t what you hope for by those inspired by superheroes it does emphasize the team’s importance to the world. They do inspire others to be better. It all makes the unfortunate path Vanessa took to try to be like her idols even more sad.

But it is in that sadness we get a lot of empathy for Vanessa turned Vanadia in her fight against the Titans. You are left hoping that the Titans are not just able to stop her but save Vanadia from who she was turned into by T.O. Morrow. It added an extra layer to this superhero vs villain fight that made things even more personal. Which all made it more rewarding when the Titans where able to figure out a way to save Vanadia from her corrupted programming.

Vanadia - Titans #12
The Titans are able o save Vanadia from T.O. Morrow’s corrupted programming in Titans #12. Credit: DC Comics

The sense of relief quickly turned to horror as Dark Raven did not hold back when she showed up and brutally beheaded Vanadia. Taylor and Meyer did a good job at utilizing the fact she wasn’t around when the Titans stopped Vanadia for Dark Raven to have an excuse in thinking the android was still a threat. It worked well into the narrative so at least when Beast Boy and Starfire defended Raven’s actions, they did not know their friend is corrupted.

The timing of Cyborg, who removed Vanadia’s corrupted programming, discovering this was T.O. Morrow’s doing was a solid transition point. It feeds into how T.O. Morrow is a name that the heroes always must deal with whenever they discover his plots. The Titans wasting no time in taking out T.O. Morrow’s operations and making him be held accountable for his crimes was well done. This development also could be used as something for when the Titans eventually deal with Absolute Power.

Ending things with the now Dark-Winged Queen Raven confronting Dick Grayson over his mind blocks was a strong hook ending. This development from the previous issue did a good job at addressing how Nightwing is utilizing his training to make sure to have a counter against mental attacks. Dark-Winged Queen Raven, not ignoring being unable to link his mind with the others when she attempted in the previous shows a great attention to detail. It leaves things in a spot where the Dark-Winged Queen arc for Raven will no longer be hidden.


Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer did an excellent job at moving the Dark-Winged Queen story arc forward with Titans #12. The way T.O. Morrow and Vanadia were utilized to push the story forward gave greater depth to the latest developments in is story arc. The hook ending creates even more interest in what happens next in this Raven-led Dark-Winged Queen story arc.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

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