Titans: Beast World #3 Review

Titans: Beast World #3 Review

The first two issues of Titans: Beast World have quickly established the high stakes as the world has become infected by Beast Boy’s Starro form. The chaos created is the biggest test the Titans have faced since taking over as the premiere superhero team of the DC Universe. Though it looks like the Titans will also have to deal with Amanda Waller taking this as an opportunity, which she had a hand in creating, to gain more power. Now with even Batman taken out of the equation what will happen next? Let’s find out with Titans: Beast World #3.


Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Lucas Meyer

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: Wes Abbott


“CAN AMANDA WALLER BRING ORDER TO A WORLD GONE WILD? The world has gone wild, and Amanda Waller is the only one who can bring order! The mastermind behind the Suicide Squad has now been given frightening authority to deal with the threat at large. She knows what is needed to end this, but will her brutal methods put her on a collision course with the Titans?” – DC Comics


The first two issues of Titans: Beast World was about how our heroes reacted to the crisis created by the Necrostar followed by Beast Boy as Starro, aka Garro. Now with Titans: Beast World #3 we see the transition from reaction to action from our heroes. They are certainly still fighting the beasts Garro has created but that alone isn’t the focus. From here the Titans must find a solution to end this crisis.

How the Titans deal with the Garro crisis is what makes Beast World #3 another standout comic book in this event. There is so much that our heroes can do to a crisis where the entire world is overrun with people turned into beasts by Garro. No matter how powerful Superman, Starfire, Donna Troy and others are the sheer numbers are too much. That along with the way the Garro’s are infecting people makes it so sticking to reaction mode would just lead to all our heroes eventually being infected.

Which made the fact that Nightwing had to be slowed down by his friend Dr. Bridget Clancy the moment we see the switch in way our heroes act. Taylor using this scene to add in a bit of development for his Nightwing run as Dr. Clancy reveals she knew Dick Grayson’s secret was a nice touch. The reveal is handled well to get Nightwing to actually sit down and think out the next steps with Batgirl, Clancy, and Detective Chimp.

DC Universe vs Garro - Titans: Beast World #3
Superman, Raven, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Shazam Family do all they can to try to stop Garro in Titans: Beast World #3. Credit: DC Comics

The appearance of Detective Chimp brought into focus how the attack by the Garro controlled beasts aren’t random. While they are certainly fighting using their instincts the parts of the cities around the world that’s the focus is different. Detective Chimp once again proved to be the World’s Best Detective in quickly nailing down how the Garro beasts are attacking infrastructure. This development opens our heroes eyes to the fact Garro isn’t out of control but rather a higher power is manipulating things.

This transitions well into what we see from Amanda Waller’s presence in Titans: Beast World #3. As Raven figures out, Amanda Waller is using this crisis to further her own schemes. Adding in the targeting of the world’s infrastructure further adds to how she wants the world to see heroes as monsters, like she does. Right now she is in the driver’s seat as things appear to be going how she planned. This creates a bigger question if the heroes will even be able to handle how Amanda Waller makes her presence known to them.

Through all of this we do still see our heroes doing what they do best: saving the day. Even in such a crisis there are plenty of moments of all the heroes stepping up. We see that from Starfire further proving to be one of powerhouses of the DCU to Jon Kent’s Superman stepping up fight Beast Power Girl to Donna Troy getting a major spotlight of her unique powers. All of this works to show how in “a world without the Justice League” the Titans and other heroes are more than ready to step up in a time of crisis.

Credit to Lucas Meyer for stepping up to take over art duties in Titans: Beast World #3. Meyer does not miss a beat in continuing to strong art style that Ivan Reis established for this event. The chaos of this event is felt from beginning to end. The same goes for how the Titans and other heroes are showcased. Everyone is given time to shine that speaks to what they bring to the table. It all adds a sense of how epic of a scale Titans: Beast World is as an event.


Titans: Beast World #3 is another incredible chapter in the latest DC Universe big event. Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer did an excellent job at showing how our heroes go from reacting to taking action in the face of the Garro crisis. The developments with the Titans and Amanda Waller sides of the story build even more excitement for what will happen next.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10