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Titans: Beast World #6 Review

Titans: Beast World has thus far delivered on what is expected from a big event. The world has been thrown into chaos as the Garro’s have turned millions into beasts. That has led Amanda Waller to use this as an opportunity to claim the power she desires. It’s a power grab that the Titans won’t allow, especially as it would mean the death of millions. However, things became even more complicated by the reveal that Doctor Hate is Raven’s demonic half that’s been living in her Soul Gem. With this revelation how will DC Comics’ latest big event conclude? Let’s find out with Titans: Beast World #6.


Writer: Tom Taylor

Artists: Ivan Reis, Lucas Meyer, and Eduardo Pansica

Inker: Dany Miki, Lucas Meyer, and Julio Ferreira

Colorist: Brad Anderson and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: Wes Abbott


“THE DC UNIVERSE MUST EVOLVE OR DIE IN THE BEAST WORLD FINALE! DR. HATE REVEALED! As Raven makes her final stand against the chaotic evil sorcerer, the Titans race against time to cure the world of the epidemic caused by Beast Boy. How far will the team go? How much will the friends sacrifice? Watch as the DCU is forced to evolve or die in this shocking conclusion!” – DC Comics


Titans: Beast World #6 does delivers exactly what you want from the conclusion of an epic event. More importantly for the DC Universe, this isn’t the ending of the story. Rather, Titans: Beast World #6 is the conclusion of this chapter in the greater Dawn of DC direction for the DCU.

In building up to this conclusion Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis, and company created multiple plans of action. We see that throughout Titans: Beast World #6. Doctor Hate vs Raven was the main headliner in terms of a big final battle. While it’s the headliner that isn’t the only focus. With the world in chaos, the rest of our heroes continue to be focused on resolving the beast crisis created by Garro. On top of that, Amanda Waller continues to take every opportunity created by Beast World to further her own objective.

Titans: Beast World #6
The Titans lead the heroes to save the world from Garro in Titans: Beast World #6. Credit: Titans: Beast World #6

On the Titans’ side of things, Taylor does a great job of showing how the heroes have run out of time. With no time to waste, we see the heroes take decisive action. Specifically, we get the payoff to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman trusting Nightwing as the new superhero community leader. Taking in everything that has happened he makes decisive actions of what the heroes’ next steps are. These decisions aren’t ones he tells others to do what he says. Instead, he shows by placing trust in Jon Kent’s Superman to cure Batman by forcing out the Garro out of him. This action creates confidence in what the heroes have to do too.

Trusting Donna Troy to lead how the heroes save the world was a cool added touch. Nightwing showing her all the plans in case any hero gets turned showed this wasn’t a last-minute plan. With that, Donna was best to be the field leader for the heroes saving the day. This all once again reinforces how Nightwing views Donna Troy as a co-leader.

Nightwing’s meeting with the President of the United States is an intriguing development. The President showing that while he appreciated Nightwing being open to sharing his secret identity was all the trust needed. This does at least show the heroes know they can’t defeat the villains by punching harder. The heroes are clear making sure they are saving everyone they can and showing that.

Nightwing’s moves complement how Amanda Waller uses the events of Titans: Beast World to her advantage. The heroes gave Waller enough of an opening that she would not waste going through. Taking over the Justice League headquarters and announcing it as the Hall of Order, the new headquarters for her new global Sovereign organization, is a twist of the knife. She not only announced her plan but showed she was going to make sure to take over everything the heroes represented, including their symbols.

While Amanda Waller certainly is the big winner of Titans: Beast World, hope isn’t totally lost. Ending the main story with Detective Chimp and Cyborg figuring out a way to save Beast Boy was a good moment. This definitely gave the feeling of hope things still can go well.

Raven vs Doctor Hate - Titans: Beast World #6
Raven battles Doctor Hate, her demonic side that was held in her Soul Gem, in Titans: Beast World #6. Credit: DC Comics

That feeling of hope made the surprising ending even more effective. Taylor did an excellent job at giving Raven a strong showing. It was so strong that we are left believing she did in fact defeat her Doctor Hate evil self. It made the moment where it was revealed that Doctor Hate defeated and trapped Raven in the Soul Gem a feeling of being stabbed in the back.

Now Amanda Waller isn’t the only threat the heroes have to worry about. But unlikely the publicly known enemy Waller is Doctor Hate is the one not known. That makes Doctor Hate one of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe. With how perfectly they are able to replicate Raven’s actions Doctor Hate can now play the long game letting the heroes fight Waller and other threats while taking their time for their next plot.

For having multiple artists on Titans: Beast World #6 having Ivan Reis, Lucas Meyer, and Eduardo Pansica was a great pick. Their styles match one another with Meyer and Pansica keeping up the style that Reis established to kick off this event. The consistency in the art was such that you don’t notice when the artist switch happens. That keeps you in the moment as all the larger-than-life events are happening. They get over how the heroes are dealing with the end-of-the-world scenario and are stepping up to save the day.


Titans: Beast World #6 does a fantastic job wrapping up the DC Universe’s latest big event. The heroes do what they do best in saving the world. At the same time, the fallout of what took place is immediately felt. That aftermath leaves you excited for everything that will be happening in the DCU in the aftermath of Titans: Beast World. If you didn’t read Titans: Beast World when it was released monthly I highly recommend picking up the trade collection.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10