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Coda #5 Advance Review – “False Dawns”

Coda’s second series has had its fair share of ups and downs for its leads, Hum and Serka. Both characters and the world they live in has gone through a lot. We have been left in a spot where we still wonder what the result of the developments that have gone on thus far. We got the chance to check out an early copy of the final issue for this volume of Coda. Find out how this series ends with our advance review of Coda #5.


Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artist: Matias Bergara

Colorist: Patricio Delpeche

Letterer: Jim Campbell


“Pull It For every hero’s weakness, one of their companions will be there to pick up the slack, and that’s exactly how Hum and company will get through the city, in search of the Spriggan.

But there are some unexpectedly unthinkable things that only Hum is capable of, and after a massive portal appears, Mildew’s followers also do something unexpected-take a deadly leap of faith.” – BOOM! Studios


At the end of the day this is Hum and Serka. They were the drivers of everything that goes on and Coda #5 shows that. This journey was in no ways easy. There are choices that need to be made that there was no other way. That makes this unclean ending be exactly how this story ended.

Simon Spurrier and Matias Bergara nail how the tough life Hum and Serka live comes with difficult choices. Even as that has been their lives up to this point it does not make things easy. In stepping up as leaders for their respective sides they take on roles that don’t come naturally to them. But in the end they do what they must because that is what is needed.That is emphasized throughout Coda #5.

Coda #5 Preview
Preview of interior artwork by artist Matias Bergara and colorist Patricio Delpeche for Coda #5. Credit: BOOM! Studios

You especially feel for Serka, who has been fighting for so long. That fight is almost diminished because of life events that are completely out of her control. The feeling of not being in control over something that directly impacts you is tough on anyone. Even for someone as strong as Serka.

This all helps to get across what ultimately makes Hum and Serka’s relationship special. They’ve been together for so long that they understand what the other needs. Sometimes that means them going off to do their own thing or just talking with each other. Their actions as individuals and as a pair are all reflective of the world they live in. This is ultimately what makes them characters who are stronger because of the relationship they share.

The ending for Coda #5 also leaves room for more stories to be told in this world. The framing is such that it’s clear that Spurrier and Bergara can come back to the world of Coda any time. Stories don’t end just because one narrative is done. This is just another chapter of life in Coda.


Coda #5 delivers a satisfying conclusion to this chapter in the lives of Hum and Serka. At the same time, the door is left open for more stories to be told in the world of Coda in the future.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10