Top 10 Comic Book Moments In May 2022

May was an eventful month filled with a lot of great comic books being released. With those great comics came plenty of moments that stood out across all the comic book universes. With DC Comics we had more build towards Dark Crisis taking place. While over in Marvel we saw them inch their way towards their own big event, A.X.E: Judgment Day. Along with that with had other comics such as Godzilla vs Power Rangers continuing to provide us with a lot of great moments. What made May 2022 Top Moments from my pull list? Scroll down to find out.


Credit: DC Comics

At least in the first story arc of Batgirls Cassandra Cain has been positioned as third in the trio. She has had her moments but Stephanie Brown and Barbara Gordon have been more of the leads with Cassandra providing support to both. This scene does a good job at highlighting what Cassandra brings to the table above her top-tier fighting skills. And that is being the soul of the Batgirls team as she understands how important being united as friends can help them out of anything. Her initiating the hug to get Barbara and Stephanie out of their funk is a great moment to highlight this key characteristic in Cassandra.


Credit: BOOM! Studios and IDW

You can’t really get a bigger moment in any comic book than Godzilla vs the Dragonzord in the first issue of Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Seeing the Dino Megazord and Godzilla teaming up to defeat a trio of kaiju monsters comes close. This double page spread is just pure epicness. Its moments like this that have made Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so much fun as fans of both franchises are getting the moments they all wish for in this series.


Credit: Marvel

There were a lot of different moments to pick from in the opening chapters in the Hulk vs Thor crossover event. But by far my favorite was this double page spread with Hulk and Thor facing off to continue their fight. What made this such a standout was the fighting game-style life bar for both Hulk and Thor. It just got over how this is just going to be a loud, action-packed blockbuster crossover event that fans expect a comic with Hulk vs Thor in the title to contain.


Credit: DC Comics

As someone who has experience dealing with every Crisis event that DC Comics has published Wally West knows what it means to be dealing with such events. The pressures that come from the Justice League being no more in particular is nothing new for Wally. Having both grown up looking up to the Justice League and eventually becoming a key member as Flash, Wally knows that the team is more than just the frontline for the DC Universe. They bring hope to the people that live in the DCU. So now without them Wally is doing his best to lift spirits of everyone, including his cousin Wallace West, as they need beacons like the Flash to continue to have hope in with Dark Crisis right around the corner.


Credit: DC Comics

Seeing George Perez and Marv Wolfman have a cameo appearance in Nightwing #92 took on a whole new meaning this month. It was something I was not expecting to happen but when I saw this page not long after the passing of George Perez it hit me hard. Dick Grayson waving to both George and Marv while thinking about what the Haven community his Alfred Pennyworth Foundation created for the betterment of Bludhaven’s people was a lovely moment.


Credit: DC Comics

Talia Al Ghul has had to put up with a lot as she has always been seen as Ra’s Al Ghul’s second. Even when she’s led Leviathan she hasn’t gotten the respect she deserves because of always being seen as Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter. You get how this act of killing Deathstroke after he said just said just that this was a statement all that isn’t true. That made the revenge for the death of her father be even sweeter for Talia.


Credit: DC Comics

It has been a while since Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne got along. The tension reach a new boiling point with the death of Alfred Pennyworth causing a Grand Canyon size gulf between them. But it appears that after the events of Shadow War both Bruce and Damian are willing to repair their relationship. Bruce being the one to reach out and apologize to his son made this all the better as we continue to see him place a greater importance on family in recent years. Damian also shows how much Bruce and the others being part of his life matters to him.


Credit: IDW

Above the fighting it’s the character moments that the Turtles and their allies get that has made IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series so special. Donatello experiencing this flashback to his previous life in a touching moment he shared with his father was very touching. Even with Splinter having been dead for a while now the impact he has had on his sons will always be there. Donatello seeing this in the spirit realm showed that.

X-MEN #11

Credit: Marvel

FINALLY! It was about time that Jean Grey stopped going by the Marvel Girl superhero name. It was one of the only criticisms I had for Jonathan Hickman’s run as going back to the Marvel Girl name was a major step back for Jean. Now making it official that she will simply use Jean Grey is a great choice. The way she did it like a boss emphasized how when written right Jean is a badass.


Credit: Marvel

It’s always satisfying whenever someone owns Vulcan in a fight. Vulcan is one of the guys that you just love to hate because of the way he is always conducting himself. The way Storm does so with very little effort as she reminds Vulcan of how things work on Planet Arakko was awesome.