Top 5 Comic Book Moments Of December 2021

What better way to close out the final month of 2021 than to take a look at the best moments of December? Nothing. This month was packed with major notable moments that it was tough just to pick five of my favorite pages or panels of December. But that is part of the fun of doing this as it makes me really focus on what especially stood out story and art wise from the comic books on my pull list. Let’s see what made December 2021’s Top Comic Book Moments


It’s been a few months since Tim Drake decided to start a relationship with his friend Bernard. To be fair to Tim a lot has been going on in Gotham City with Fear State and other events that have forced him to focus on being Robin as of late. But now that he along with the rest of the Batman Family saved Gotham City it was good to see him actually take the time to tell Bruce Wayne about his new relationship with Bernard. Meghan Fitzmartin and Alberto Albuquerque Jimenez did a great job showing how nervous Tim was to talk about this and how Bruce fully approved any choice Tim makes for his life. Bruce specifically saying that he just wants Tim, as his son, to be happy elevated this to be one of the best Bruce Wayne-Tim Drake moments of all-time.


One of the biggest sub-plots that has been going on in any DC Comics title is the return of Lian Harper as the amnesiac Shoes/Cheshire Cat. This was an unexpected sub-plot that has been developed within Catwoman since Infinite Frontier started. Throughout this run we’ve seen Selina Kyle take on Shoes as a protégé of sorts. All that time you knew that eventually Roy Harper/Arsenal or Jade Nguyen/Cheshire would meet Lian as Shoes again. That moment finally came oddly enough thanks to Jade as Cheshire being involved in the Fear State event. Using this epilogue to Fear State in Catwoman to show Jade and Lian reuniting was a great way to end the event. There is an air of mystery of Jade will tell Lian’s Shoes she is her mother or will decide her daughter is better off not knowing. Whatever the case is this was a big moment that hopefully we see developed more in the future.


Demon Days is one of my favorite titles of 2021 and this double page spread is example of why. Peach Momoko absolutely knocks it out of the park with how breathtaking her design for the God versions of Demon Days’ Storm and Thor. Everything about how Storm and Thor are drawn with the smoke, Thor’s demon-like face, and Storm’s gold crown just makes them appear larger than life. Their designs also help Mariko’s own red aura as she is also tapping into her powers just make this entire spread page pop even more.


If you ever questioned if Reed Richards and Sue Storm could hold their own in a fight without their powers look no further than these two pages from Devil’s Reign #2. They absolutely owned the prisoners who tried to kill Reed. Sue being the first one to knock out one the prisoners followed by Reed punching another prisoner while saying “Son we don’t need powers to be Fantastic” was purely awesome. It is a drop the mic moment that you just cannot top.


It’s crazy how often other characters forget that if there is one mutant you do not want to piss off it is Emma Frost. But that is exactly what Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Moira MacTaggert did by thinking that by revealing the truth of what they’ve been doing that Emma would automatically side with them. That was possibly the dumbest move they could’ve ever made and Emma shows why here. Emma took what Xavier, Magneto, and Moira told her and decided what was the best move for her. And that decision was to even the playing field in the current conflict of Xavier, Magneto, and Moira vs. Mystique and Destiny. Emma saying she didn’t do this to have Mystique and Destiny owe her anything as her only goal was protect her children and those close to her is exactly why Emma Frost is such a fan favorite.

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