Power Rangers #14 The Eltarian War

Power Rangers #14 Review – The Eltarian War Part 4

Power Rangers #14 The Eltarian War

The Eltarian War started off hot and has not slowed down as everything Ryan Parrott has been building in both the Mighty Moprhin and Power Rangers has come together for one big crossover event. Both the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Omega Rangers have put aside their differences in order to combat the threat of the Eltarians and Empyreals that has completely overwhelmed the two Ranger teams. But just as things look like they were only going to continue to get worse the previously thought dead Zordon returned and is ready to fight on the front lines with the two Power Ranger teams against his former family and team from Eltar. Will Zordon’s return turn things around in The Eltarian War? Let’s find out with Power Rangers #14.

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Francesco Mortarino and Christian Prunesti

Colorist: Raul Angulo

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Supreme Guardian Zartus is having his crew on the Eltarian Command Ship continue the search for Safehaven (the planet where the Omega Rangers home base is located). Zordon (in a power containment suit) leads the Red Omega Ranger (Jason Scott Lee) and Yellow Omega Ranger (Trini Kwan) in invading the ship.

Back on Earth, over in Angel Grove at the destroyed Promethea headquarters, Matthew Cook morphs into the Green Ranger to get Grace Sterling and the rest of Promethea’s workers out of the rubble. Right as Tommy Oliver is about to rally everyone he is hit by a powerful energy blast from behind by the Sentry Force Four (an Eltarian task force made up of former Guardians’ Zag, Zenith, Zero-Zero, and Zeta). The Green Ranger goes to fight the Sentry Force Four but is quickly knocked out by Zero-Zero.

Back on the Eltarian Command Ship, the Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart) and Finster lead some Putties to rescue Zelya from her imprisonment.

In another part of the ship Zordon, Red Omega Ranger, and Yellow Omega Ranger are confronted by Zartus and his guards. Zartus decides to show Zordon he picked the wrong side and teleports to Earth. Zordon tells Jason and Trini to go back to help defend Earth as he can take the Eltar Command Ship alone. Jason and Trini agree and teleport back to Earth using the Master Arch. Zordon then takes on all the Eltarian Guardians on his own.

Power Rangers #14 The Eltarian War
Zordon leads the Omega Rangers in confronting Zartus on the Eltarian Command Ship in Power Rangers #14. Click for full page view.

Back on Earth the Power Rangers struggle to fight Sentry Force Four while also defending Promethea’s workers. As It looks like Grace is the last one standing portals are open with the rest of the Power Rangers, Omega Rangers, Zelya, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt arriving to provide back up.

With their increased numbers the Power Rangers and Omega Rangers are able to defeat the Sentry Force Four.

Just as it looks like things are turning around Zartus along with several Empyreals appear on the scene. Jason, Tommy, Trini, Yale of Saard, and Matt summon the Omegazords, White Tigerzord, and Dragonzord to combat the Empyreals.

Meanwhile, Zordon is able to make it to the Moon and finds the location of the Caves of Deception. Zordon is suddenly attacked by several Putties that he quickly takes out. As Zordon goes back to searching for the Zeo Crystals he is confronted by Lord Zedd. End of issue.

The Good: Power Rangers #14 escalated things even further as The Eltarian War crossover event continues to be non-stop for our two Ranger teams. There is never a time where you feel like the characters or you as the reader can catch your breathe. Something big is always at the turn of the page and Ryan Parrott, Francesco Mortarino, and Christian Prunesti really do excel at that.

This issue doesn’t necessarily progress the overarching narrative The Eltarian War forward. Power Rangers #14 is more about giving us the biggest action possible while moving characters into position for the big moments that have been promised in this crossover event. The way it is all done works completely as you just have fun with the ride you are placed on.

The thing that continues to standout with The Eltarian War is that we have seen our heroes put aside their differences in the face of a major evil. The personal beef that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Omega Rangers, Zordon, Grace Sterling, and Promethea have isn’t forgotten. But all these groups recognize that they can’t stay in conflict when the Eltarians and Emperyals are such a big threat. They need to step up and be the heroes they are and that is what we see throughout Power Rangers #14.

This entire issue is honestly filled with hype moments. From Zordon, Jason, and Trini teleporting on the Eltarian Command Ship to fight Zartus forces to Kimberly breaking Zelya out of prison to the entire fight with the Sentry Force Four you can’t help but get lost in all the action. Its exactly what you want as a Power Rangers fan as the core of the franchise with the sense of escalating threat is always present. It all made the moment when both Ranger teams called on their Zords to fight the Emperyals a hype moment to end Power Rangers #14 on.

It was also smart that not all of the Rangers called on their Zords. Keeping it to the individual Zords that are combat ready in the White Tigerzord, Dragonzord, and Omegazords shows forethought from both the Power and Omega Rangers. This leaves those that did not summon their Zords to continue to protect against Zartus’ Eltarian Guardians and possibly help Zordon if they are needed over on the Moon. It’s a small detail that Parrott has done such a good job with throughout his run as he is not afraid to have the team split up if the current mission requires it.

This works to further present Supreme Guardian Zartus as a villain worthy being the big threat of a big event. No matter how hard our heroes fight Zartus shows up to escalate things even further. There is no doubt in Zartus accomplishing his goals even when something as unexpected as Zordon returning to fight on the front lines happens. It all helps to build him up as a villain you look forward to our heroes ultimately defeating and losing his power as leader of the Eltarians.

Zordon’s return to being a frontline fighter after almost dying is also something Parrott is doing a great job handling with care. While not all is forgiven, it was good to see that Zordon told Jason and Trini he understood what they did was for the greater good and he still trust them and Zack. This is why Zordon is the ultimate Power Rangers mentor as he is able to inspire his proteges to reach a higher level.

Power Rangers #14 The Eltarian War
The Power and Omega Rangers summon the Omegazords, White Tigerzord, and Dragonzord to combat the Empyreals in Power Rangers #14. Click for full page view.

All of this plays into the ending of Power Rangers #14 leaving us with the biggest question mark as to the direction The Eltarian War will go. We know that Goldar and the others are working with the Power and Omega Rangers against the Eltarians. But it does not look like Lord Zedd got that memo as he confronted Zordon at the end of Power Rangers #14. What exactly happens between Lord Zedd and Zordon as the Zeo Crystal are being brought into play much sooner than we saw in the show will be very interesting to see.

With all the big things going on Francesco Mortarino and Christian Prunesti did a great job working together so everything felt like it had one, cohesive art style running throughout Power Rangers #14. The action was chaotic and intense as you would expect from a full on war being fought on multiple fronts. The two sides of this conflict in the Power Rangers and Eltarians are given an equal amount of time to show why this isn’t conflict that will end quickly. That is all thanks to the artwork by Mortarino and Purenesti

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Power Rangers #14 was an action-packed comic book with enough character moments to keep your interest being high for what happens next in The Eltarian War. The ending of this issue in particular has the wait for the next chapter in the latest Power Rangers crossover event feel longer than it likely is. It is a meeting, and possibly clash, many Power Rangers fans have been waiting for a long time to go down.

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