Top 5 Comic Book Moments Of November 2021

November was another big month for the world of comic books. Now with November coming to an end there have been a lot of things that took place over the course of the month. There were a lot of big events taking place over the course of the month. There was the end of the latest Batman crossover event, Fear State. The beginning of the latest Mighty Morphin Power Rangers epic in The Eltarian War. And a big development in the life of the newest Superman. Now lets get into what all these big moments of November 2021 were.


During the course of Fear State we saw how Batman was forced to focus all of his attention on stopping the big endgame bosses of the story in Scarecrow and Peacekeeper-01. While those two were very important antagonists to stop it left the rest of the Magistrate, Seer, and the overall state of Gotham City left ignored by Batman. That is where we saw the entire Batman Family step up and be the ones to fully bring down the Magistrate and stop Seer from continuing to use all of the Oracle and Batman’s tech against Gotham City. In the process it was Nightwing, Oracle, Red Robin, the Batgirls, Harley Quinn, Batwoman, Signal, and Jace Fox’s Batman that made the biggest difference in saving Gotham City.

Which makes this scene of the Batman Family assembling without Batman to watch the Bat-Signal lighting up Gotham City’s sky such a meaningful moment. This is a moment were we do see a passing of the torch as everyone in the Batman Family is able to stand on their own to protect and make Gotham City a better place. Batman even talking about how everyone in the Batman Family brings hope to the city shows that he understands his proteges and allies this very well. This creates an interesting future for Gotham City as now it looks like Batman will leave them all to defend Gotham City at a time the city is going through its biggest change.


Lord Zedd has always been the best villain in the Power Rangers history. In the latest run on BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ryan Parrott revealed that Lord Zedd was formerly a Eltarian Chief Guardian, Zordon’s predecessor in the role, and became who he was after he tried to claim the Zeo Crystals for his own leading to his present state. That was a big reveal that Parrott has made full use of as we entered The Eltarian War crossover event.

As you can see from this scene Lord Zedd’s previous role as Chief Guardian of Eltar is being explored even more as we learn that not all Eltarians are as benevolent as Zordon. What sticks out so much here is the self-awareness Lord Zedd shows about how the Power Rangers have constantly defeated him no matter the powerful threat he sends to fight them. The warning also shows that Lord Zedd does still have some connection to his Eltarian past. It definitely has me excited for how Lord Zedd will evolve in the BOOM! Studios Power Ranger Universe as we already seen him grow stronger after his fight against the new Green Ranger.


Jon Kent is still a relatively new character in the DC Universe introduced back during the 2015 Convergence event. In recent years we saw him aged up rapidly during Brian Bendis run on Superman. That aging up is something Tom Taylor has taken to the next level by having Jon take on the role of Superman for Earth from his father. But even as he has taken on this role Jon is still a character who is still developing a history and personality since he is just now taking on the leading role.

This adds to how important of a moment that Jon beginning a romantic relationship Jay Nakamura is to his character. This moment is obviously an important one in the history of the DC Universe as we now have a bisexual Superman. But for Jon’s character specifically we continue to see how he is getting a chance to grow on his own, that includes building a personal life that he never got to because he was aged up not too long after he was introduced. Tom Taylor and John Timms did a very good job in making this moment matter to add to how we are seeing Jon come into his own as a fully formed character.

THOR #19

Thor has not been having the easiest time as he has begun his reign as All-Father of Asgard. With Mjolnir getting stolen after trusting his Avengers teammates to keep it safe Thor’s stress level is at an all-time high. That is shown with the stern tone that he takes with this entire conversation with Lady Sif. The entire conversation isn’t one between friends but one of a King speaking with one of his subordinates. That is fully clear by the fact that Sif ends the conversation by simply addressing Thor as “My King.”

This all goes towards the larger picture of how Thor is really in an unstable state as by fighting against the prophecy that foretells his death by the new wielder of the God of Hammers he is possibly going down that road. It certainly feels that way with how Thor just looks incredibly exhausted even if he does not realize it. Which makes how characters like Lady Sif end up developing even more interesting as Thor’s closest allies are even more important to helping him even if he does not realize it.

X-MEN #5

The resurrection protocols that Charles Xavier created for the mutants of Krakoa was an instant game changer when introduced during House of X and Powers of X. It is a development that Xavier and the mutants of Krakoa have kept as a closely guarded secret. But now it looks like that secret will be revealed to the world as the villainous Orchis organization has led Daily Bugle’s reporter Ben Urich to discover Krakoa’s resurrection protocol. Ben even telling Cyclops about his findings just further pushes the fact that Krakoa can no longer keep all their secrets in house.

This reveal about their resurrection protocols being revealed to the rest of the world is just one of many problems Krakoa is currently dealing with. There are major developments with the Trial of Magneto and Inferno that are just as massive as this revelation. It all puts into question how Krakoa will use this major universe changing secret being revealed to the world something Xavier and the others will have to address right away. And it all just shows the power of the pen that Ben Urich has as it isn’t a villain or another superhero forcing Krakoa’s hand. It is a regular person working as a journalist that reveals this big Krakoa secret.

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