5 DC Comics Series That Are Perfect For Brian Bendis

It’s hard to create a news story that will make it feel like everyone will stop to talk about but that is exactly what DC Comics did yesterday by announcing Brian Michael Bendis has signed an exclusive multi-year deal with the company. As a writer Bendis has had incredible runs on Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man and Alias on top of all the major work he did to lead a lot of Marvel’s major events. Along with that body of work he also created Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, Riri Williams and Quake while elevating characters like Luke Cage into major parts of the Marvel Universe.

Now with Bendis taking his talents over to the DC Universe there are plenty of comics that would be a perfect fit for writing. Here is a brief list of five comics that Bendis would be at home with writing.


During his time at Marvel the one corner that Bendis never played with was the magical realm. Seeing as that is untouched territory a title like Zatanna, where he can still tell grounded stories, could be the fresh start Bendis needs on multiple levels. It would give him a completely different playground that he has not really delved into with all the magical realm stuff. At the same time he can go further into the connections Zatanna has with characters in the magical realm and other DC characters, like Batman. Along with that if he could recruit someone long time collaborators such as Sara Pichelli or David Lafuente he would have the visual back-up needed to explore all the adventures Zatanna would be involved in.


Whether it was Peter Parker or Miles Morales, one thing that Bendis showed while writing Ultimate Spider-Man is that he could write an interesting comic book featuring a young star and strong supporting cast. With that history Bendis would be a perfect fit for writing a new ongoing Robin series with Damian Wayne as its star. Though Damian has now become a fixture in the Batman Family he is still developing into who he will become in the future. And with the character now officially 13 years old it would be the perfect time to see how he deals with things teenagers now contend with. It would be something completely new for Damian and would be fun to see how Bendis develops a supporting cast that’s outside the Batman Family.


A lot of people will hear that Brian Bendis is going to be writing for DC Comics they will immediately go to hoping he gets a Batman led solo series. While he would certainly do well with a Batman comic the series he would truly excel at is Green Arrow. As a character Green Arrow has more similarities to what made Bendis’ run on Daredevil special. Oliver Queen is a character that is seen as a step below Batman but has a world that has been built up to be just as interesting. Along with his heroic adventures Green Arrow is someone that is not afraid to get political with how he does things in and out of his superhero identity. That is something that would be new for Bendis to tackle. All the while Bendis could further develop Green Arrow’s city of operation, whether it be Star City or Seattle, to be something that is as much a character as the hero.


Though Bendis has a long history writing the Avengers comics they were hit or miss, with its success differing depending on which fans you talk to. What was much more well-received was his work on the X-Men franchise for several years. Going off the work he did with the X-Men he would do well in transitioning into taking over the Teen Titans comic books. Like his work with the X-Men, Bendis can help further develop the Teen Titans dynamic, which has a family aspect to it. In having the family aspect Bendis will be able to play up the various relationship and how that affects them as a team. He would also have much bigger opportunity to explore each character’s motivation and history from story to story arc than he would if he took on a Justice League book.



Possibly the biggest longshot on this list that would have possibly the greatest potential to be the biggest hit for DC Comics is Bendis on a book lead by The Question. As I’ve talked about throughout this list, Bendis’ best work comes from when he works with a street-level character. He also excels with characters in which he can fully develop a world around them that previously didn’t exist. And The Question fits that bill perfectly for what Bendis does best. Not only is The Question someone that isn’t well defined for general comic book fans but also has been left unused since the New 52 reboot, save a few brief instances.

That time away gives Bendis plenty of room to develop what The Question’s role is within the DC Universe as one of the, if not the best, detective that exists. Along with that Bendis can go into what makes The Question tick and who the person behind the faceless mask is. And if his work on Daredevil is any indication, Bendis’ The Question series could easily be one of best comics DC can publish with their new talent while also raising the stock value of a dormant character.

Now these are just five titles that Brian Bendis would do well with writing. What character(s) would you like to see Bendis tackle now that he is exclusive to DC Comics?

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    1. Yes!! I’m right there with you. I don’t want Bendis anywhere near the Justice League or JLA. He is best kept to solo titles starring a teen character or a street level character.

  1. I was thinking he might be good at writing the Red Hood. I have a sneaking suspicion though that after the whole Doomsday Clock thing is done The Watchmen will be a part of the the DC Multiverse proper and we’ll have a Rorschach book so the Questiion wouldn’t get a look in.

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