Top Comic Book Moments For August 2017

Top Comic Book Moments For August 2017

Top Comic Book Moments For August 2017

The month of August has come and gone. With it came the beginning of DC Comics big event, Dark Nights: Metal, and the end of Marvel’s as Secret Empire came to a close. Both events presented plenty of developments to talk about for fans. Along the way we were also introduced to the future children of the Justice League, Marvel’s Legacy characters meeting their predecessors, Nightwing taking over the DC Universe and much more. Let’s take a look at all the top moments from the comic book world in August 2017.


All-Star Batman #13 Moment
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Kids nowadays don’t get that when Batman says he wants to use your motorcycle that it is not a question. He is demanding it. They got off lucky seeing as they didn’t get hit by a couple batarangs.


Amazing Spider-Man #31 Moment
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One of the things lost in all the things going on during the Secret Empire event is how it affected the villains in the Marvel Universe. This moment that closed Amazing Spider-Man #31 is a great example of how Doctor Octopus, who is at the height of believing he is everyone’s superior, was brought down a peg as he figured out how he became just another grunt in Captain America’s Hydra.


Archie #23 Moment
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After a major scare as Betty Cooper narrowly survived a horrific accident it was good to see how the town became united because of the event. It definitely was a strong way to cap off an issue that showed us how Archie and his friends were dealing with what happened to Betty.


Astonishing X-Men #2 Moment
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At this point the X-Men have plenty of experience fighting their own so Shadow King should not be surprised that they overcame his trap and did not hesitate to dispose of their “friends.”


Batgirl #14 Moment
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It’s a good thing that Dick Grayson grew up learning how to do a better job in hitting on someone than when he first started out as Robin.


Batman #28 Moment
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No one needs to wonder what would happen if Deadshot and Deathstroke ever met before. Gotham City sure won’t be forgetting all the destruction this clash caused.


Batman #29 Moment
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Bruce Wayne needs to think twice about who he invites to a dinner party. That and he might not want to sit in the middle of a table where all Batman’s greatest villains stand at the end of both sides.


Dark Nights: Metal #1 Moment
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Even though I have no familiarity with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Dream of the Endless appearance still delivered the chills. From both appearance and his dialogue this sure looks to be a game changing moment for the DC Universe, that looks to have its fair share of surprising in the next few months.


Generations: The Phoenix and Jean Grey Moment
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The Phoenix issue of Generations may turn out to have more lasting ramifications than most other one-shots. The way the Phoenix Jean Grey reacted to her younger future self did seem to indicate that we will be seeing the iconic version of Jean Grey again in the near-future.


Generations: Wolverine and All-New Wolverine
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So far no Generations issue has had more emotion packed into it than the Wolverine comic. Seeing Laura getting the chance to be Wolverine at the same time as Logan in his prime was packed with emotion. This final moment with Laura finally hugging and calling Logan “Dad” is exactly what makes this a comic not to pass up on for Wolverine fans.


Injustice 2 Chapter 20 Moment
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At least Wildcat was able to go out by being who he always is and cornered this other Batman that he was forced to use a gun against the old man.


Invincible #139 Moment
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Invincible #139 was one of those comics that was filled with plenty of quality moments to talk about. The best among them was this moment with Atom Eve saving Anissa. Anissa saying she does not regret what she did to Mark showed that things aren’t completely in the past but that these characters will deal with them as adults.



Justice League #26 Moment
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There is something about Aquaman that makes him much more badass when he only has one hand. Just makes the character look tougher, especially in this tank version of himself in the post-apocalyptic DC Universe.


Justice League #27 Moment
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Not all family reunions were pleasant for the Justice League and their future children. This one between Wonder Woman and her son, Hunter, brought up an interesting questions as to what kind of mother Wonder Woman would be, something we’ve only seen briefly in Kingdom Come and Dark Knight Universes.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #18 Moment
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Finster sure has stepped up his Putty Patrol creating game since breaking away from Rita Repulsa. He has even created a whole town of them for the Power Rangers to fight.


Nightwing The New Order #1 Moment
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Nightwing was the last hero you would think would take down every supehero and villain in the DC Universe. But that is exactly what just happened as everyone from Superman to Gorilla Grodd suffered the wrath of Nightwing not holding back anymore.


Secret Empire #10 Moment
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One of the moments that will probably be replayed a lot from Secret Empire moving forward is the fact that Captain America was finally able to lift Thor’s hammer. It has been something that Marvel’s has teased in various comics, movies and TV shows. Now that it finally happened everyone better get used to seeing this as we are sure to see the movies do something like it, possibly in Avengers 4.


Spider-Gwen #23 Moment
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Some Uatu’s are just jealous that The Watcher from Earth-65 was much smarter than them by figuring out he can just watch TV to see everything happening in his universe. Haters going to hate.


Spider-Men II #2 Moment
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Jessica Jones is sure earning her money by looking in every corner of the Marvel Universe to figure out who the other Miles Morales is. Peter Parker is lucky he has a whole tech company at………wait never mind.


Super Sons #7 Moment
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You can see the jealousy radiating from Robin as the Teen Titans already show more love for Superboy than him. It’s not a good look young Robin.


Superman #29 Moment
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Superman better watch out because while he is powerful Sinestro is the true master of fear. The fact Superman has Parallax’s powers will only further increase Sinestro’s motivation to take the Man of Steel down.