Top Comic Book Moments For August 2018

Top Comic Book Moments For August 2018

Top Comic Book Moments For August 2018

Another month has gone by filled with moments from the world of comics. On the Marvel side of things we got the release of two big events, Infinity Wars and Extermination, both with notable things happening. For DC Comics we saw the Legion of Doom commit their first takeover of the Justice League series. That is on top of other stories like Shattered Grid, Batman vs Bruce Wayne and the Fantastic Four return, to just name a few, taking place this month. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments from the world of comic books in August 2018


Amazing Spider-Man 3 Highlight
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Outside of talking to himself in his head we haven’t seen Peter Parker and Spider-Man ever separated like they have been in Nick Spencer’s first Amazing Spider-Man story arc. This presented an interesting out of body experience as we see which character trait Peter and Spider-Man got from the core character.


Amazing Spider-Man 4 Highlight
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Never thought removing the Peter Parker part of him would make Spider-Man a major celebrity. This almost looks like the Spider-Man if he just continued being a TV personality/wrestler if he never learned about “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”


Ant-Man & The Wasp 4 Highlight
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Ant-Man and the Wasp has been a showcase to develop Hope Van Dyne for those that don’t know her. This scene in particular got to the heart of who Hope is as she is forced to deal with her feelings for her father and how he hasn’t been in her life. Scott Lang helping Hope her makes this scene even better.


Avengers 6 Highlight
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Jason Aaron has spent the first arc of his Avengers run to explain why there are not only mutants and Inhumans but also why certain individuals have gained powers through radiation or other means without being killed by the process. It’s a very comic book explanation that works as now Earth becomes an even more important place in the Marvel Universe outside of just being the location of all the superheroes we see fight and live.


Batgirl 25 Highlight
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Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson are two characters that are clearly in love with each other. Since Rebirth we have seen how they have moved to having more of a casual relationship but still not an official couple. Batgirl #25 does a good job explaining how neither one is ready for a settle down while still leaving the door open for the two as they grow older.


Batgirl Annual 2 Highlight
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Since being brought back into continuity Jim Gordon Jr. has been developed as a terrifying threat that more personal than any other villain for Batgirl. This scene continues to drive that point home as Jim Jr. finds a way to get inside his sister’s head.


Batman 52 Highlight
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It is a rare thing for us to see a story that puts Bruce Wayne against Batman. That is exactly what we see here as Bruce questions his own actions as Batman in a public way while still maintaining the thought of them being two seperate people.


Batman #53 Highlight
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After spending so much time arguing what Batman got wrong Bruce Wayne finally opened his heart to the pain he is going through after Selina Kyle, the love of his life, left him at the altar. It was a powerful revelation that sets the tone for what the future of Batman will be moving forward.


Catwoman 2 Highlight
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Back out on her own Catwoman has more room to show how badass she is. This fight against all the copycat versions of herself showed how fluid Catwoman’s fighting style is.


Daredevil 606 Highlight
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Being known as someone who operates in the shadows made this statement to the public by Daredevil a bit surprising. Though given how Daredevil has had to take a more personal approach against Mayor Wilson Fisk this effectively motivates public to continue to support the superhero community.


Extermination 1 Highlight
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Cable has been around for a few decades now. Seeing him killed, even if it was to a younger, healthier version of himself was still a big way to set up the latest X-Men event.


Extermination 2 Highlight
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There have been a lot of big Cyclops and Jean Grey moments over the course of the X-Men’s history. This was another good one between the two that shows how no matter what there is a close connection between the two.


Fantastic Four 1 Highlight
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A moment that we never thought would happens has as the Thing finally proposed to his on-and-off girlfriend Alicia Masters. Hopefully this engagement and wedding will go a lot better than recent comic book weddings and marriages.


Go Go Power Rangers 12 Highlight
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Shattered Grid has given us a lot of great, unexpected Power Ranger crossovers. There may not be a better one than the sight of the first appearance of the Mega-Gravezord.


Green Arrow 43 Highlight
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Having plans in place to take down the Justice League and other superheroes is usually left to Batman. Learning that Green Arrow has similar plans creates an intriguing sub-plot, especially since Green Arrow has not been a member of the main Justice League team since New 52 began.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #50 Highlight
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Even though Hal Jordan’s name is on the title Robert Venditti’s run elevated John Stewart to an even great level as he became the leader of the Green Lantern Corps. John showing himself to be the best leader the Green Lantern Corps has ever had was paid off well with this great speech he made as the GLC entered their next era.


Infinity Wars 1 Highlight
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Loki finally got to see what a powerful superhero version of himself would look like. Unfortunately for him this version of Loki just bashed him for being to weak to wield the Infinity Stones or Mjolnir.


Infinity Wars 2 Highlight
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Without a question Gamora has been the star of Infinity Wars. Seeing her take out the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy further emphasized this fact.


Justice League 5 Highlight
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If Lex Luthor’s ego couldn’t grow more he gets to see a future where he is seen to go down in history as the greatest person to ever live. That is not good news for the rest of the DC Universe.


The Life of Captain Marvel 2 Highlight
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Carol Danvers was not surprised to learn her father was a bigger asshole than she thought. What she did not expect to learn is that her mother knew about what her father was doing during their marriage. With what is going on in the real world right now this revelation makes Carol come off like a real person and not just a superhero.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 30 Highlight
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Shattered Grid was a big step-up story for Jason Scott Lee as he showed why he should be considered the greatest leader in Power Rangers history. This speech just further drove that point home.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Shattered Grid 1 Highlight
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After being killed off by Drakkon it was only appropriate that Tommy Oliver would get to be the one to have the final showdown against the greatest Power Rangers villain.


Mr and Mrs X 2 Highlight
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Deadpool does not know when to shut up. It’s a good thing that Rogue does not have time for his nonsense and will put him in his place with a strong punch to the gut.


Nightwing 47 Highlight
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A villain trying to use the fact that Nightwing is the most well-connect superhero in the DC Universe is a great plot. This emphasizes why Nightwing is one of the most important characters in the DCU.


Titans 24 Highlight
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Continuing to show how great Nightwing and Batgirl’s are we get this fun scene of the latter giving the former a mobile Batcave that is personalized to Nightwing’s interests.


Titans 24 Highlight
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There is nothing more shady than secret conversations that show you are leaving out important information from your teammates. That is exactly the aura that this scene between Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter gives off.


West Coast Avengers 1 Highlight
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Putting out a “Heroes Wanted” flyer was not the best idea that Kate Bishop ever had. She got to learn that the hard way with the applicants she got for the new West Coast Avengers.


X-Men Red 7 Highlight
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This is one of the most effective speeches in recent X-Men history. With this speech by Jean Grey the X-Men are quickly established are back to being a superhero team that looks to be a beacon of hope for everyone.