November 2018 Moments

Top Comic Book Moments For November 2018

November 2018 Moments

November has been another eventful month in the DC Universe and Marvel Universe. There have been plenty of big events that have been going on throughout the month of November. From Amazing Spider-Man to Batman to Justice League to X-Men there have been many things to talk about that made it hard to decide what to pick for this month’s highlights. Now let’s take a look at some of the more fun comic book moments from DC Comics and Marvel in November.


Adventures of the Super Sons 4 Highlight
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Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent must have spent some time in the Dark Knight Universe because the future Robin and Superboy/Superman look like they got much bigger.


Amazing Spider-Man 9 Highlight
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The Lookups is an interesting concept since we have seen every Marvel superhero have at least one person know about their secret identity. It would make sense that these people would need a place to openly talk about the weight of carrying that secret from the rest of the world.


Amazing Spider-Man 10 Highlight
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It’s been a decade since Brand New Day happened but the effects are still being felt today. One thing that was easy to forget was the fact that Spider-Man’s decision also made Black Cat, his closest ally, forget his identity as well. It is good that Peter finally revealed his identity again to return their relationship back to being what it was before the mindwipe.


Avengers 10 Highlight
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Agent Phil Coulson makes his big return and brings the Justice……I mean the Squadron Supreme of America with him to the Marvel Universe. Maybe this is a sign to come for what will happen in Avengers 4.


Batman 58 Highlight
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Even after reading this multiple times it is surprising to learn that Penguin had a secret wife that no one knew about. That said, this was a very poignant scene that got over something we previously didn’t know about Penguin


Batman 59 Highlight
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Bane has caused Batman to go through many things in the process of breaking the Dark Knight. This may be the biggest thing to happen as Batman, in a fit of rage, punched Commissioner Gordon in the face, effectively breaking a relationship that has been built up over many decades. With yet another close ally now not around for him to turn to how can Batman survive whatever Bane has planned next.


Captain America #5 Highlight
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Red Skull has been gone for a while, and yes I am not counting his Onslaught-Red Skull appearance in Uncanny Avengers. It’ll be interesting to see how Red Skull takes advantage of the world and Captain America in the post-Secret Empire Marvel Universe.


Daredevil 611 Highlight
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No matter the odds there is no fear in Daredevil. That includes having to go up against five villains that individually have given him a hard time.


Daredevil 612 Highlight
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In an unexpected turn of events we learn that everything that happened in “Death of Daredevil” was inside Matt Murdock’s head. That reveal made Matt going through his various forms at the end an interesting note to end on. This seems to signal that Matt will be reborn of sorts and the new Daredevil he comes back as will be different from before.


Fantastic Four 3 Highlight
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What does the Thing have against Spider-Man’s advice? It has worked for him in the past. At least The Thing had his own words of advice to make up for this.


Heroes In Crisis 3 Highlight
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Guess Harley Quinn now officially has the “Fastest Hammer Swing Alive” title to add to her name. Because how else would it be explained that she would nail Wally West with a swing fast enough to catch him by surprise?


Infinity Wars 5 Highlight
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Gotta give it Loki, he is creative with how he has decided to use the Infinity Stones. He recognizes the best ways to use the Infinity Stones and his ragtag team of superheroes together.


Injustice 2 Annual 2 Highlight
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Jonathan Kent’s relationship with Bruce Wayne was unexpected but nice change of pace for what we have seen before to elevate the scene that followed involving Batman and Superman.


Justice League 11 Highlight
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Batman sure knows how to find the worst possible situation to put himself through. It’s like he doesn’t like to do things the easy way or something.


Marvel Knights 20th 1 Highlight
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Between Marvel Knights and “Death of Daredevil” it seems that Marvel is teasing the return of Karen Page. Given that she was a major part of the Netflix series, even though she has been dead in the comics for quite a while, Karen’s return to Daredevil’s life wouldn’t be surprising.

MR. & MRS. X #5

Mr. and Mrs. X 5 Highlight
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The massive power up that Rogue gets in the latest issue of Mr. & Mrs. X opens the opportunity to explore her learning to control her power in a new way. It also opens things up to see how Rogue does now that she is close to, if not already, reaching the Omega-level mutant status.


Nightwing 53 Highlight
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Ric Grayson finally being able to admit his current feelings on his status quo was an effective way to show how much pain he has been going through in battling the idea of going back to his old life like nothing ever happened.


The Green Lantern 1 Highlight
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The scene itself is your typical Hal Jordan getting his big Green Lantern mission. What made this stand out was how visually stunning it is.


Uncanny X-Men 1 Highlight
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No matter which Wolverine is used the Fastball Special is not something that anyone gets up from. The fear in the eyes the mutants  when Polaris launches X-23 at them shows just that.


Uncanny X-Men 3 Highlight
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Magneto, Blob, Angel and Omega Red must have been spending a lot of time reading the Lord of the Rings books or something. That or they are getting ready to cosplay at San Diego Comic Con 2019 early.


West Coast Avengers 4 Highlight
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This is one way to announce that the west coast has gotten their own version of the Avengers. Though Hawkeye will need to work on her public speaking to make this West Coast Avengers team work.


Wonder Woman 58 Highlight
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Look at Wonder Woman throwing some shade. Can’t hate on her honesty as she isn’t going to back down from saving others no matter what.

X-MEN: RED #10

X-Men: Red #10 Highlight
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At least the Avengers and X-Men are now being honest with themselves and showing Magneto some love by wearing his helmet into a major battle.