Top Comic Book Moments For October 2018

Top Comic Book Moments For October 2018

Top Comic Book Moments For October 2018

October delivered some big moments in the world of comic books. Both Marvel and DC Comics had plenty of noteworthy things take place. That includes the latest developments with Batman making a major decision that questions the path if he is taking. Along with that we learned Captain Marvel’s real name, a major X-Men death, Harley Quinn vs the Trinity and much more. Scroll down to check out some of the best comic book moments from Marvel and DC Comics.


Amazing Spider-Man #8 Moment
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Spider-Man has never been the best at understanding the right thing to say. In this case he seemed to forget that Black Cat was still out to kill him after Doc Ock while controlling Spider-Man’s body caused her to get arrested.


Avengers #9 Moment
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Namor has always been one person no one wants on their bad side. That is something the new Avengers learned very quickly. Good thing they had Captain America to calm his old friend down before he crushed them.


Batgirl #28 Moment
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Barbara Gordon and Jim Gordon have a big heart-to-heart. Given all that has happened recently this is something they both clearly needed.


Batman #56 Moment
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Darkseid must have never mentioned to his soldiers that they should look out for Batman. Kanto quickly learns that lesson here.


Batman #57 Moment
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One of the most brutal Batman moments in recent memory. Shows how much Batman has changed recently. Will now be interesting if Batman adopts the “I won’t kill you but I won’t save you either” mentality of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy version of the character moving forward.


Captain America #4 Moment
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It’s always good to see Ed Brubaker’s run be referenced in Captain America comics. He did so much to not only modernize Captain America but also laid the groundwork for future creators who work on this series to build from. This is one of those instances as Sharon Carter deals with the fallout of killing a major Captain America villain.


Catwoman #4 Moment
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Catwoman has been on an emotional rollercoaster as of late. Much of that has been her own doing due to the choices she has made. Because of that it is good to see Selina Kyle owning up to this and trying her best to make amends with her sister.


Daredevil #609 Moment
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Will always be a shipper of Matt Murdock and Elektra as couple. Unfortunately I know whenever these two get together it won’t last because one of them is doomed to death or a fate similar to it. That is what may happen since this story is called “The Death of Daredevil.”


Extermination #4 Moment
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No matter the version Scott Summers just cannot catch a break in the Marvel Universe. Can’t the guy be happy and positive for once?


Green Arrow #45 Moment
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The impact Roy Harper’s death has had on Oliver Queen has been well done thus far. After how bad their relationship got at some point it is good to see Oliver learn that his failure to recognize Roy needed a father and not a mentor or friend. It’s too bad Oliver didn’t learn this sooner


Heroes In Crisis #2 Moment
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Looks like the Trinity need to do some more training because Harley Quinn just handed them a big ass whopping. Superman especially does not look happy about this.


Justice League #9 Moment
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Some of the best scenes in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon was those in the mess hall. It is great to see Scott Snyder reintroduce this element to the Justice League franchise. Has potential for some unique interactions in all the Justice League related titles to use this story device.


Nightwing #50 Moment
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Dick Grayson is not who he once was. Barbara Gordon is the first to learn this as she meets the new Ric Grayson.


Return Of Wolverine #2 Moment
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Wolverine is putting his upgraded heat claws to good use. Though this still does not make these new powers make Wolverine look cool.


Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #1 Moment
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Having your secret identity known to the public does put a lot into question of how to handle your personal life. That is something Gwen Stacy will now have to learn to adapt to. That or get a new superhero identity. Maybe she can call herself Ghost Spider.


The Life Of Captain Marvel #4 Moment
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Hmm….Car-Ell, why does that name sound familiar. Like Marvel got that alien name for Carol Danvers from another company who is also an alien from another planet. Nah, this is totally an original name and origin.


Titans #27 Moment
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Since her re-introduction Miss Martian has not been shown in the best light. This moment finally fixes that as she finally opens up to the Titans and readers, giving her character some much needed depth.


Titans #28 Moment
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Without her best friends, Dick Grayson, Roy Harper or Wally West, around Donna Troy will have to step up big time to keep the Titans together and accomplish the mission Nightwing created for them.


What If....? Punisher #1 Moment
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Peter Parker becoming Punisher rather than Spider-Man created one of the most intriguing alternate universes we have seen come out of the “What If…?” series in a long time. It did exactly what this series should do with giving us a spin on a character or story. With how things ended I wouldn’t mind seeing this universe be revisited to see how Peter Parker transitions to being Spider-Man.

X-23 #5

X-23 #5 Moment
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X-23 has to learn to take time to celebrate her birthday every once in a while. Good thing she has a little sister to reminder of this now.


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With everything Magneto has been through he couldn’t just go back to being who he was once before so easily. Afterall, he is getting up there in age, though he is in incredible shape for his age. But now having his age catching up with Magneto, as this Danger Room sequence showed, does give that extra layer of depth that will make his return to being an antagonist more interesting.


X-Men Red #9 Moment
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Jean Grey must of caught up on the Star Wars movies while she was away as she pulls off the same move Luke Skywalker did in the Last Jedi. Good thing she was able to not fade away after pulling this off.