Top Comic Book Moments For September 2018

Top Comic Moments September 2018

As another month came to a close there were many moments that left fans talking throughout September. Even though we are just beginning the fall months this was not a quiet at all. There were a lot of big moments that took place in this moments courtesy of comics. That was especially the case for DC Comics as comics such as Batman, Doomsday Clock, Heroes In Crisis and Justice League presenting fans with notable moments. Marvel wasn’t quiet either as Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Extermination and Infinite Crisis were some of their big comics this month. Now let’s take a look at some of the best moments from September 2018.


Adventures of the Super Sons #2 Highlight

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It was only a matter of time before we got the Red and Blue versions of Superman though it probably wasn’t expected for Superboy to be the one to go through the transformation. At least now Superboy doesn’t have just Robin to talk and relate to.


Amazing Spider-Man #5 Highlight

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The separation of Peter Parker and Spider-Man had to come to an end eventually. The positive of this time is that it gave Spider-Man the chance to tell Peter to enjoy being a superhero more than he has. That is something that Peter loses sight of, though for obvious reasons given the tough decisions and constant fighting villains he has to do daily as Spider-Man.


Ant-Man & The Wasp #5 Highlight

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It would be awesome if Marvel for one month just turned every one of their characters into different versions of Ultrons or warped them into cheerleaders saving the day Sailor Moon-style.


Avengers #8 Highlight

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There is no better way to put over Black Panther as the leader of this incarnation of the Avengers than having Marvel’s Big Three sign off on it. Added legitimacy to his role as leader compared to just having him take it without anyone questions it.


Batgirl #27 Highlight

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Batgirl’s new costume has been finally introduced. I know there are a lot of fans of the Burnside Batgirl costume but this one does a good job incorporating the classic costume. Though the only thing that looks weird is the domino mask she is wearing as it does not cover her eyes with lenses or anything of the sort.


Batman #54 Highlight

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In the aftermath of the failed Batman and Catwoman wedding Tom King has done a good job exploring where Bruce Wayne is at now. How Bruce has chosen to deal with it made this moment even more effective. Not only does it show what how close of a relationship Bruce and Dick Grayson have, making what happens in the next issue even more impactful.


Batman #55 Highlight

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Speaking of that big moment Nightwing getting shot in the head is something that affects the direction of several comics. Not only does this impact the Batman Family comics it puts into question what will happen with the Titans, which Nightwing is the leader of. Given how much this has been promoted this won’t be a short-term status quo and will likely be something Nightwing and the Batman Family will be addressing for a year, at least.


Catwoman #3 Highlight

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Joelle Jones does a fantastic job allowing her artwork speaks to how much physical pain Catwoman is going through after falling several stories high and landing on top of a car.


Daredevil #608 Highlight

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Gotta give it to Mike Murdock, he will sell out to anyone. That includes his “twin brother’s” greatest enemy.


Doomsday Clock #7 Highlight

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With this is Geoff Johns setting up another reboot that will fully merge the Watchmen Universe with the DC Universe? Or is there something else that even the God-like Doctor Manhattan can’t see coming after clashing with Superman?


Extermination #3 Highlight

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When Cable’s death happened it did not have the impact you would think an iconic X-Men of his status would have. Extermination #3 changes that a bit thanks to Ed Brisson showing how much Cable’s death impacted the X-Force team he recruited back in the day.


Green Arrow #44 Highlight

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Sometimes it is the small moments that are the greatest moments. Black Canary cheering Green Arrow up after what the Citizen revealed about Oliver Queen’s past was just that. It strengthens the relationship between the two and is possibly the best scene between Green Arrow and Black Canary since the DCU was rebooted.


Heroes In Crisis #1 Highlight

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You can’t have a Crisis event without the death of a Flash. It was just unexpected that it would happen off-screen and without any build-up. This does put into question who would even be able to kill Flash, Arsenal and the other heroes at Sanctuary.


Iceman #1 Highlight

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Iceman got to eat some humble pie as he learns that not every mutant wants to be public with their powers like the X-Men are.


Infinity Wars #3 Highlight

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If there was any other hero in the Marvel Universe they would’ve fallen for Loki’s speech. But with this scene Gamora has become the smartest person in the Marvel Universe.


Justice League #7 Highlight

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There was no way with how much the Batman Who Laughs took the spotlight in Dark Nights: Metal that he would go away after that event. Now he is brought back and with the Legion of Doom to bring back his brand of chaos to the DCU again.


Justice League #8 Highlight

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Cheetah now having the ability to kill a God is a major shift for the character. This power up makes her an even deadlier opponent for Wonder Woman and the Justice League to take on.


Justice League Odyssey #1 Highlight

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Flying into a brand new sector inside a Brainiac ship is one way to make your presence known and Cyborg and Starfire do just that.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 Highlight

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Talk about an all-star cast of Power Rangers. Even though these Power Rangers from different eras were brought together by accident they are a team that will be tough for any villain to mess with.

MR. & MRS. X #3

Mr. and Mrs. X #3 Highlight

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As much fun as this new Rogue and Gambit ongoing has been I would not mind getting a Deadpool/Gambit comic, even if it was mini-series. Just to get more action sequences like this would be worth it.


Nightwing #48 Highlight

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Nightwing sure knows how to spend the weekend by attending the DCU villains version of the Wacky Racers.


Old Man Logan #48 Highlight

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No matter how many times they fight a good old fashion Wolverine vs Hulk fight is tough to beat. Even though this is Old Man Logan vs Maestro versions of the character it still taps into that.


Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #310 Highlight

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Spider-Man is a special character with millions of fans around the world. Chip Zdarsky did a great job Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #310 summarized why he is such a compelling character in and outside his superhero identity.


The Life Of Captain Marvel #3 Highlight

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Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel fans got a big surprise by learning that Carol’s mom has ties to the Kree. With this major change there are a lot of questions about Carol and her family history.


X-Men Blue #36 Highlight

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No matter what happens the relationship between Scott Summers and Jean Grey will always have a special place in my heart. After all the things the younger versions of the characters have been through it was nice to finally see them get together as their time in the present Marvel Universe comes to a close.