Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 A Rival Appears

Trunks New Android Rival Debuts In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89

We entered a new era for Dragon Ball Super with Chapter 88 with Goten and Trunks taking over as the series lead. This immediately gave a refreshing new direction for Dragon Ball Super, a series that has been completely dominated by Goku and Vegeta. With this new direction, we saw Goten and Trunks dealing with their own Android Saga as they begin their new high school life. Now with Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 Goten and Trunks’ Android problem gets even closer to home.

For those that missed it, in Dragon Super Chapter 88 it was established that this new story takes place months before the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie with the first chronological appearance of Dr. Hedo. Trunks and Goten, who have taken on their own Saiyanman personas, unknowingly discovered that Dr. Hedo is following in his grandfather, Dr. Gero, footsteps by creating his own zombie androids. After their first clash with Dr. Hedo’s zombie androids Trunks and Goten found a disk containing some of Dr. Gero’s research and decided to take it back with them.

Trunks and Mai Walk to School
Mai joins Trunks and Goten as a student at their high school in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89. Credit: VIZ Media

That is where Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 picks up as Mai joins Trunks and Goten in attending their high school to avoid suspicion of why Mai in her teenage appearance would be working at Capsule Corp. After a bunch of different high school hijinks Trunks, Goten, and Mai end up clashing Android Beta-1, who Dr. Hedo sent to pose as a high schooler to get Dr. Gero’s research back.

This is all leads into what is making the current Dragon Ball Super manga the most refreshing direction the series can go on. Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou are returning to more of the over-the-top fun that the series was known for before completely focusing on Goku and Vegeta’s eternal fight to get stronger.

The shift in focus to teenage Trunks and Goten created a whole new tone as both are dealing with trying to be normal teenagers. That is easier for Trunks since he is used to living in a big city. That is not so much the case for Goten, as he shows in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 with Goten forgetting to hide his power.

This gets into how throughout Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 Trunks had to deal with a new rival named Baytah. Thanks to Mai careful observation it is quickly revealed Baytah is an android and this leads Trunks having to avoid any suspicion. Toriyama and Toyotarou certainly go in on how to make this situation for Trunks take a comedic turn as he has to make how he reacts to Baytah trying to get him to slip with his powers tap into some old physical comedy.

Though as previously mentioned, if Trunks was on his own he probably would’ve been able to get away without being caught by Baytah. But his best friend is Goten who helps his friend find a baseball by easily picking up a trunk one-handed without thinking. This action makes Baytah reveal himself to be Android Beta 1.

Android Beta 1 Debut
Trunks as Saiyanman X-1 takes on the newly debut Android Beta 1 in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89. Credit: VIZ Media

With this Toriyama and Toyotarou go for the classic superhero troupe of having Trunks and Goten secretly change into their Saiyanman X-1 and Saiyanman X-2 without being noticed by Mai or their classmates. It’s all very reminiscent of when Gohan tried to hide being the original Saiyanman and you can’t help but have a smile on your face at how Goten and Trunks are going down a similar path.

Now what we don’t know is exactly where Toriyama and Toyotarou plan to take this new Android Saga. All we know is how it ends will likely lead Dr. Hedo to where he ended up in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. The Dr. Gero data disk that Trunks and Goten found can add a lot of new context to what we saw in the Super Hero movie. But as of now, we can just enjoy the fun that is being had with this new direction for Dragon Ball Super.