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United Planets Set-Up The Next DCU Crisis In Green Lantern #8

Dawn of DC has been a whole new age of heroes. For many, this meant rediscovering their place as solo heroes in a world without the Justice League. But for the Green Lantern Corps, it’s been more difficult than that. Hal Jordan and John Stewart started grounded on Earth. This created a big question about the state of the Green Lantern Corps hovered over the franchise. Green Lantern #8 we got more clarity on what the United Planets may be planning post-Dark Crisis.


Hal Jordan vs United Planets Lantern Corps
Hal Jordan meets the United Planets Lantern Corps for the first time in Green Lantern #8. Credit: DC Comics

Previously, in Green Lantern #7 we learned that in the Guardians of Oa’s absence the United Planets have taken over leadership of the Green Lantern Corps. Due to Earth being the center of every Crisis that has hit the DC Universe, they have quarantined Sector 2814. Further clarifying the United Planets added power was the reveal of a new Lantern Corps.

In Green Lantern #8 Hal Jordan and Razer investigated why the Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Lantern Power Batteries exploded. During their investigation, they were attacked by the new United Planets Lantern Corps. Initially, it appeared as though these new characters were simply Green Lantern Corps members. As Hal and Razer fought these characters it was revealed they don’t only wield the power of the Emerald Light. During the fight, the United Planets Lantern Corps switched to using the Blue and Yellow Light powers.

This revelation plays into the more stoic nature of the three United Planets Lantern Corps that Hal and Razer fought. The United Planets appear to have recruited people who have control of their emotions. We saw how powerful the ability to shift between fear and hope was with how Hal and Razer were overpowered.


Hybrid Lantern Kyle Rayner - Green Lantern: New Guardians #3
Kyle Rayner has a tough time controlling the Emotional Spectrum after becoming a Hybrid Lantern in Green Lantern: New Guardians #3. Credit: DC Comics

The United Planets Lantern Corps utilizing the Emotional Spectrum in this way immediately brings the White Lantern to mind. We’ve also learned that the Power Batteries on Oa, Odym, Qward, and Ysmault have been destroyed. All signs point to the United Planets having a hand in the Power Batteries destruction, if not directly responsible.

The United Planets being responsible for the malicious attack on the Emotional Spectrum could be part of their desire for greater control over the DC Universe. The events of Dark Crisis opened the eyes of the United Planets that they must take more action. Gaining control of the White Light of Creation would give them the power to fight off a future Crisis.

However, this could backfire on the United Planets. One person using the power of the Emotional Spectrum doesn’t mean they can become a White Lantern. Kyle Rayner showed this when he first got all the Power Rings in Green Lantern: New Guardians. No matter one’s ability to control one’s emotions can be enough to become a White Lantern. The attempt at creating a new White Lantern Corps under the control of the United Planets could lead to the next Crisis event being centered around the Emotional Spectrum.


Kyle Rayner an Sojourner Mullein
Kyle Rayner and Jo Mullein team up to investigate the United Planets in Green Lantern #8. Credit: DC Comics

Hal Jordan and John Stewart aren’t the only Earth Green Lanterns dealing with the new status quo of the DC Universe. In Green Lantern #7 we learn that Guy Gardner has been assigned to hunt down Lobo. Meanwhile, Kyle Rayner, Jo Mullein, Jessica Cruz, and Simon Baz have all been given other unknown assignments.

In Green Lantern #8 Jo found Kyle and revealed she has an idea of what the United Planets are up to. Trusting Jo’s detective skills Kyle did not hesitate to team up with her fellow Earth Green Lantern. The teaser at the end of the issue mentions that Jessica Cruz may also get involved in the deeper plot around the United Planets.

This further paints the picture that we are heading down the road of an Emotional Spectrum War. Jo and Kyle’s investigation along with Hal’s return to space leads the Earth Green Lanterns to go against the United Planets. And based on how the United Planet Lantern Corps treated Razer they could also find allies in other former Lantern Corps members. All of this opens another path for the teased big event that DC Comics will be revealing on Free Comic Book Day 2024 in May.