Void Rivals #7 Review

Void Rivals #7 Advance Review

Void Rivals was one of the biggest comic books of 2023. It introduced us to the brand new Energon Universe created through Hasbro’s partnership with Skybound and Image Comics. Now after ending its first story arc with even more questions we are left wondering where the Energon Universe will go next. We got the chance to check out an advance copy of the next chapter of Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici’s Void Rivals. Find out how it turned out with our review of Void Rivals #7.


Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Lorenzo De Felici

Colorist: Matheus Lopes

Letterer: Rus Wooton


“NEW STORY ARC! Darak and Solila traverse the northern wasteland. Danger lurks around every corner. The Void Rivals corner of the Energon Universe continues to grow as PROXIMUS is on the hunt!” – Skybound and Image Comics


Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici return without missing a beat of where they last left off their Void Rivals narrative. As Void Rivals #7 was the start of a new story arc this was pure set-up. But even with the focus on set-up, the foundation created through all the character interactions gets you reinvested after the short break.

On the Darak and Solila side of the story, everything in Void Rivals #7 is built around them. Decisions that are made, whether they are on screen or not, are based on their current situation. Darak and Solila placed themselves in a spot where they have to move forward together. That means there must be a layer of trust as they move forward.

This being their situation, it makes the wasteland the perfect complementary location. Darak and Solila are completely on their own. The emptiness of the setting creates a sense of unknown to the direction they are taking. Which is further driven home by decisions that are made. These decisions leave you wondering where the partnership between Darak and Solila will lead. Which plays well into who they each were before they were brought together through circumstances.

Void Rivals #7 Raul Allen Cover
Variant cover by Raul Allen for Void Rivals #7. Credit: Skybound & Image Comics

Darak and Solila situation is enhanced by how Premier Zalilak aims to go after them. Specifically, with the set-up that goes into building up Proximus. Proximus development shows that this is a villain with depth. There is much more to their story than what is presented. The teased history establishes that Proximus will at least be the third lead for this story arc, if not beyond.

Along with Proximus, we got another antagonist that got some intriguing developments. These additional antagonists immediately brought an aura of mystery. That mystery comes from what role they will end up playing. Which adds to how the Energon Universe continues to grow in a natural pace to the developments of each title.

With all the great story development it was Lorenzo De Felici artwork that stole the show. Void Rivals #7 is easily the best artwork we have gotten in this series. That is saying a lot as Felici has been delivering during this entire run. The focus on character interactions gave Felici the opportunity to show their understanding of how to have facial expressions enhance the dialogue. Along with that, we get several double page spreads and character close-ups that are fantastic.


Void Rivals returned with purpose. That purpose was delivering more compelling storytelling with Darak and Solila at the forefront. With Void Rivals #7 Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici created a strong foundation for the new story arc for this series. Which leads to even greater investment in the Energon Universe.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10