The Week Begins – July 27th 2009

The Week Begins, yeah you all know that, but here’s the real shocker. I have money to actually buy these comics! How amazing, I know. It’s like an “Anti-monitor in Sinestro Corps” level twist to this edition.

Spawn #194 Written: Todd McFarlane Art: Whilce PortacioAfter an incredible issue last time I’m not so sure about this issue. Also I hate the cover change, this isn’t a bad cover, but the original image was ten times cooler looking. Either way it’s a Greg Capullo cover at least so I’m excited. Though with news that the Redeemer is showing up later this year I want to read that instead of this.

This issue doesn’t sound too exciting, and with Spawn fighting Freak next time it looks like this issue will be pure transition into that fight as well as start wrapping up Endgame. While I’ve been enjoying Endgame I can’t help but worry that this chapter will be purely pushing things along. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Ultimatum: Spider-man Requiem #2 *Most Anticipated* Written: Brian Bendis Art: Stuart Immonen and Mark BagleyAfter such an incredible issue last time how could I not be highly anticipating this? My only worry is that we’re going to get the same thing as last time, a story that doesn’t’ really have anything to do with wrapping up Ultimate Spider-man and is just a 3.99 excuse to show off gorgeous artwork.

Still I remain hopeful that the Bagley parts are going to be much shorter this time as I really want an honest to god look back at the series to end things. While this unpublished story is great, that’s not what I’m buying this book for. If Bendis does the same thing he did last issue, I’ll be really disappointed.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #3 Written: Paul Cornell Art: Mark BrooksIt feels like it’s been a long time since the last issue in this interesting Dark Reign mini. Last issue sort of slipped the quality down as things are still a little too confusing and by now I should know the full goal of this series. Is it the two teams coming together? Being pushed apart? Who is the real main team of this story? What is the goal of it all? If this issue doesn’t answer it then I’ll be frustrated.

The reveal last time of Princess Python doesn’t do much for me either. She’s a mediocre boring character that is about as interesting as my shoe. She apparently knows Hawkeye but that isn’t too helpful. I do care to find out if Vision finally does something prominent here judging by that cover, and I’m also hopeful that the original team gets more page time here.

Still I hope for another at least good and enjoyable read even if it’s not as great as my original hopes for the series where.

Marvel Zombies 4 #4 Written: Fred Van Lente Art: Kev WalkerAfter a “meh” read last month I’m pretty much bored with this series and ready for it to end. It’s not bad at all really, it’s a fun read but not much else. The art is great and the character work is strong but as someone who loves the Marvel Zombies series this sort of disappoints. It feels like way too far of a departure for me to truly enjoy it.

Ultimatum #5 Written: Jeph Loeb Art: David FinchThank the comic gods, it’s over! It’s finally over! What more can I say about the abysmal Ultimatum event? It had a great start but devolved in a matter of panels by it’s second chapter. Ultimatum is the comic equivalent of a lobotomy at this point as it can only get worse.

Still with it’s final chapter it’s hard not to be happy that it’s going to be over. Magneto will be dead, I’m sure Wolverine and a few other characters will be murdered and they will pretend to shock us with something we all saw coming.But hey, there’s the old saying that things are so bad it can only get better from here. Thank the comic gods.

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  1. Ooohhh…Im a great fan of Zombies, not specifically Marvel Zombies, but zombie films and fiction in general. Not sure why.

    But I did read series 1 through 3. Series 2 was weak, however, I thought Series 3 was fun and witty, though the novelty was definately worn off.

    There were definately some books in that 4-shot that made me wish they were written better. But Ive come to respect the writing of Marvel, and focus on its asthetic, more than the quality.

    That said, there was some poor cover art for the series. Which disappointed me.

    I was hoping Series 4 would be better. Im debating if I should pick it up.

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