Weekly Awards For The Comic Books From April 30, 2008

Let’s go ahead and dish out The Revolution’s weekly awards.

The nominees for the Che for the best read of the week:

Action Comics #864
DC Universe #0
Legion of Super Heroes #41
Immortal Iron Fist #14
New Avengers #40

The Winner: DC Universe #0

Last week treated us to an excellent crop of comic books. This was a tough decision for me to decide which issue was going to receive The Che this week. Action Comics #864 was an excellent teaser issue for the upcoming Legion of Three Worlds mini-series. Johns does his job by providing enough back-ground information for newer readers while getting long time readers pumped up for a titanic showdown with the Time Trapper.

Legion of Super Heroes #41 was another excellent read. Shooter continues to impress me with his work on this title. I was initially skeptical about DC’s decision to go to an old Legion writer from the 1960’s to revive this moribund title. Well, the old man still has it and Shooter has proven my reservations completely unfounded. Shooter has brought the magic back to the Legion. Shooter’s second run on this title is the best writing that we have gotten on the Legion since Levitz was the writer.

Immortal Iron Fist was a fantastic finale to the story that Brubaker and Fraction have been delivering on this title since the first issue. Everything that Brubaker and Fraction have been leading to came to a head in this issue. Immortal Iron Fist #14 was a fine example of how to end a run on a title with style.

New Avengers #40 was certainly a good enough issue to be in the running for The Che this week. Yeah, I know, you aren’t hallucinating. And I’m not high. At least not at the moment. Usually New Avengers is in the running for the Sequential Methadone Award of the week. However, New Avengers #40 bucked the trend and delivered a well written and entertaining issue. After reading this issue, I wish that Marvel would pull Bendis off of New Avengers and Mighty Avengers and place him on a Nick Fury title instead.

However, I had to give the Che for the best read of the week to DC Universe #0. Now, this was not the best comic book of the week. All the other titles that I nominated are better stories that would appeal to more readers. However, there was no chance in hell that any title could have beaten DC Universe. Why? Two words: Barry. Allen. That is all I need to say.

And now the nominees for the Sequential Methadone Award for the worst read of the week:

X-Men Legacy #210

The Winner: X-Men Legacy #210

Now, let me say that X-Men Legacy #210 wasn’t horrible. It was simply the weakest read in a weak incredibly loaded with fantastic reads. This title just has not clicked with me. I’m having a tough time getting excited about re-living Xavier’s past. Actually, to be honest, I’m just tired of Xavier in general.

So congrats to DC Universe #0 for winning the Che for the week and congrats to X-Men Legacy #210 for winning the Sequential Methadone Award for the week.

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  1. DC Universe was your pick of the week? As a regular Marvel reader with a solid base of knowledge about the DC universe, I picked it up hoping that it would get me excited about DC comics. But, I ended up thinking it was completely incoherent. I honestly didn’t know what was happening about half the time… and didn’t care the other half. Even at 50 cents, I felt like I was paying too much. Someday DC will start writing for people who aren’t hardcore DC fans again.

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