Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3 Review

Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3 Review

Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3 Cover

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace has been a fun series thus far. This series has been focused on team-ups between Wonder Woman and other characters. So far Wonder Woman has teamed up with Harley Quinn and Lois Lane. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have done a good job writing how different those interactions would go for Wonder Woman. Now it looks like Wonder Woman will be meeting up with more characters from the DC Universe in Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #3. Based on the cover those characters will be the members of Gorilla City. Will this meeting be a friendly one? Or will it lead to spark a big war? Let’s find out with Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #3.

Writer: Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Daniel Sampere

Inker: Juan Albarran

Colorist: Adriano Lucas

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: In Gorilla City Wonder Woman asks General Tolifhar who is responsible for the deaths of the city’s citizens. General Tolifhar says it was a violent creature that Wonder Woman released. This leaves Wonder Woman confused.

Sometime earlier Diana Prince is enjoying a rare day off with Steve Trevor, as they’ve both been working nonstop, at a lake. As they begin flirting with each other Steve gets a call from Etta and Diana tells him that he should pick it up.

Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3
Diana Prince and Steve Trevor enjoy some downtime together in Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3. Click for full page view.

Etta tells Steve that a massive asteroid is heading towards Earth and she was hoping that Wonder Woman would help. Diana changes into her Wonder Woman gear and says she will deal with the massive asteroid right away.

Before flying away Diana and Steve kiss with the later telling the former to be careful.

Wonder Woman quickly flies to the massive asteroid and immediately starts shattering it into smaller pieces. One large piece of the asteroid makes it into Earth’s atmosphere and is rapidly reaching the ground. 

Wonder Woman is able to catch up the large piece of the asteroid. She uses all her strength to push the piece so it lands in the ocean, far enough so it does not cause a tidal wave that wrecks a nearby island.

Back in the present, General Tolifhar reveals to Wonder Woman that several of Gorilla City’s warriors were killed by a creature that was inside the asteroid that Wonder Woman pushed into the ocean. General Tolifhar request Wonder Woman’s help in capturing the creature attacking Gorilla City. Wonder Woman agrees and says first she wants to get information on the creature by looking over the asteroid in the ocean.

While underwater Wonder Woman finds alien technology that reveals that the creature was being restrained and fed some sort of special liquid. She then discovers that the asteroid containing the creature was supposed to have a different destination.

Wonder Woman brings all of the technology back to the surface and tells General Tolifhar about what she found the creature being a prisoner. General Tolifhar tells Wonder Woman that there will be no asking as their law decrees an eye for an eye. Wonder Woman says she will help General Tolifhar and his forces but wants to capture the creature as it may not know what it is doing.

As they go through the forest the creature grabs one of the Gorilla City soldiers and tosses it into the sky. Wonder Woman catches the soldier while the other soldiers attack the creature. The soldiers gunfire bounces off the creature. 

Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3
An alien creature attacks Gorilla City in Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3. Click for full page view.

Wonder Woman spears the creature deeper into the forest. The creature escapes Wonder Woman grasp and starts choking her out with its tail. General Tolifhar and his soldiers catch up and immediately fire several rockets at the creature. The explosion from the rockets causes the creature to let go of Wonder Woman. More rockets are fired that cause a bigger explosion.

Once the explosion dissipates the creature is gone. Wonder Woman is suddenly attacked from underground and brought into a dark area.

In the dark area the creature speaks to Wonder Woman to reveal its history, where the creatures own people, in a last ditch effort to defeat it, imprisoned him and sent him towards a black hole after great sacrifices were made. The creature then tells Wonder Woman that she will direct him to the beings that will help him regain his full power. 

Wonder Woman asks about where General Tolifhar is. The creature says General Tolifhar is next to her as he is preparing to eat the general.

Realizing that she is currently sharing thoughts with the creature she shows him a beach that she goes to meditate. This peacefulness hurts the creature. Wonder Woman promises to stop if he releases General Tolifhar. The creature agrees and throws General Tolifhar out.

As she continues to talk to the creature Wonder Woman grows to understand that he steals others memories and powers by consuming them. In doing so he is filled with both the positives and negatives that others have experienced. The creature suddenly starts feeling weird.

It is shown that General Tolifhar and his soldiers have been able to pump the creature with the special liquid that had him contained in the asteroid. General Tolifhar then agrees with Wonder Woman to load the creature back into the ship.

Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3
General Tolifhar shows great respect for Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3. Click for full page view.

Hours later Wonder Woman thanks General Tolifhar for helping restore the creature’s ship. General Tolifhar says he hopes the next time Wonder Woman visits Gorilla City it is a peaceful visit. Wonder Woman agrees.

After Wonder Woman leaves, one of General Tolifhar’s soldiers mentions that Wonder Woman is one of the better humans. General Tolifhar says Wonder Woman is a shining example for who they should all try to be. End of issue.

The Good: Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #3 does a great job in balancing out Diana Prince’s background as a warrior and ambassador. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti take their time with how carefully they balance out what makes Wonder Woman such a strong, multi-layered character. In doing so they tap into the iconic status of her character.

Opening things up with Diana enjoying some well-deserved down time with Steve Trevor was a great way to immediately ground her character. No matter whether it is Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, it is tough to be on 24/7. The time they have to be able to take a breath and relax is incredibly valuable. We see that with how Diana is able to relax while on a fishing boat with Steve. Its a casual outing that means a lot for both of them.

This outing at a lake also helps establish the current state of Diana and Steve’s relationship. As we learn from their dialogue, Diana and Steve haven’t had much of a chance to spend with each other. While that is the case both of them understand why as they are both doing all they can to keep the world safe. Having that understanding actually strengthens their relationship to the point that they value these hours and minutes that they can spend alone together. 

From there we see an amazing display of Wonder Woman’s power as she is able to destroy the majority of an asteroid. Even the part she was unable to destroy she is able to have enough foresight to divert into the ocean to avoid a major disaster from happening. It’s a short sequence, but it encapsulates a lot of how Wonder Woman is able to quickly take the best course of action to save the day.

Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3
Wonder Woman saves Earth from a massive asteroid in Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3. Click for full page view.

Conner and Palmiotti also do a good job in shifting the tone of the story to have a horror tone that still fits with who Wonder Woman is. Bringing in General Tolifhar in particular allowed Conner and Palmiotti to delve deeper into how Wonder Woman is an ambassador for the Amazons. We see her constantly doing what she can to get General Tolifhar not to just think with his rage. She wants to make sure they understand why the alien creature is attacking them first. This clear thinking helps bring out this ambassador aspect of Wonder Woman’s character to the forefront.

On that note, it was a nice change of pace that the way Wonder Woman was able to defeat the alien creature in the end was through her words and planning. Being inside the alien creature’s mind Wonder Woman gained an understanding of who he was. She saw the alien creature for who he was and tried to show him that there is a peaceful life that it could live. 

The alien creature’s rejection of any help from Wonder Woman for this brighter path made it easier to understand why he needed to be placed back in the spaceship he was locked in. This was the best course of action for Wonder Woman and General Tolifhar to take. And given what we saw of the creature’s past this is what it deserved for the atrocities we saw it commit and others we didn’t.

Conner and Palmiotti also delivered a strong character arc for General Tolifhar to take throughout Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #3. We begin with General Tolifhar in a take no prisoners line of thinking when it comes to dealing with the alien creature that killed some of his men. But as the issue develops and General Tolifhar also gets a look into the alien creatures mind he grows to understand that Wonder Woman was right that needed to understand where their attacker was coming from. This character arc gives added layers to Gorilla City in general. It shows that there are more stories to be told with characters like General Tolifhar that don’t need to always involve Gorilla Grodd when visiting Gorilla City.

Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3
Wonder Woman shows the alien creature a peaceful way of thinking in Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #3. Click for full page view.

Daniel Sampere delivers solid artwork throughout Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #3. Sampere does a particularly good job taking the story from the bright colorful lake setting Diana and Steve are in and shifts the tone to be darker once the unknown alien attacks Gorilla City. Even when the story takes this horror tone Sampere makes it all feel right at home in Wonder Woman’s world. 

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #3 is the best issue of this series early life. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are quickly making this series one of DC Comics most enjoyable comic books. Their take on Wonder Woman is wonderfully multi-layered, as is showcased here in her visit to Gorilla City. Wonder Woman fans should definitely pick this issue up even if you didn’t read the previous two issues in this series.

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