Yara Flor Wonder Girl TV Show Announced

Wonder Woman Yara Flor Will Be The Breakout Character Of 2021

Yara Flor Wonder Girl TV Show Announced

When it comes to 2020 there is no doubt that Punchline is the breakout character for DC Comics. The character captured readers imaginations with what she brings to the table, especially for the Batman comics. Now DC Comics is going to wait around to set the stage for who they will be building up to be the breakout character for 2021 as they announced a new Wonder Girl TV series on the CW that will star Yara Flor, who is also set to be Wonder Woman in DC’s Future State comics.

As I mentioned when DC Comics announced their full slate comics that will take up their January and February months in 2021 for Future State, this new direction has a lot of potential for the company. All the characters that are being created or elevated during the Future State direction have the potential to do so much more beyond simply when the direction ends in February. Now we are seeing that to be the case with how Yara Flor is already being elevated by getting her own TV show. That speaks highly to how confident DC and WB are that Yara Flor is a character that will connect with fans when she debuts in January 2021 as Wonder Woman.

This announcement for Yara Flor’s Wonder Girl TV series also opens yet another door for DC Comics to build up the Wonder Woman franchise as a whole. While the Wonder Woman live-action movie was well received critically and commercially it has not translated to the franchise reaching the same level as her Trinity counterparts, Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to that front.

Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Cover
Click for full cover view of Future State: Wonder Woman #1.

But now this announcement opens things up for an expansion of the Wonder Woman franchise even more so than before. On the comic book side, this will hopefully incentivize DC Comics to place greater attention and care with what they are doing with Wonder Woman. While Wonder Woman has had a lot of great creative teams working on her comics she has not been promoted in the same way Batman and Superman’s family of comics are.

More importantly, this could lead to a launch of more Wonder Woman content that places a focus on how the franchise is more than just Diana Prince. There are other characters in the franchise like Yara Flor, Donna Troy, Nubia, and Cassandra Sandsmark that can make the franchise stronger by actually getting developed. Yara Flor can lead that since she will be helping bring in more people into Wonder Woman’s world through her TV show.

Overall, it is a major positive that Yara Flor is getting the opportunity to be the breakout character in 2021. The character has all the potential in the world to live up to becoming a key character for the Wonder Woman franchise and DC Comics as a whole. It is definitely exciting to see a new character getting actual investment in their development.

Source: DC Comics

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